Blog Sale Romania Exclusive (Over 100 Products)

Hello beauties!

I have to admit that I never hosted a blog sale even though I’ve been blogging for 7 years. Today I’m inviting you to take part at my first BLOG SALE which is unfortunately Romania Exclusive so I want to apologize in advance to all my international visitors. I would loved to be able to host an international blog sale, like I do with my Giveaways but because of the shipping costs and problems at the custom office with accepting nail polishes, perfumes and other beauty products I decided to make it only for Romanian visitors.


Most of the products you’ll seen bellow are brand new as I never got the chance to test them when I bought them or received them and if the moment passed I decided to not unseal them so they can be preserved better. Other products that I bought or were sent to me for consideration were swatched or used one or two times just for review purposes.

The most common question I’ve seen visitors asking on almost every blog sale is “Why are you selling all these beauty products?” so here are some of my answers: Continue Reading

Givenchy Fall 2015 Flower Collection Sneak Peek

Hello sweeties!

As spring is coming to an end we get to see the first sneak peek of Givenchy Fall 2015 Flower Collection. As I look closer to the photos taken at the pre-launch event by Abesawako I’m under the impression that we will be rather talking about a spring collection due to the floral packaging of the products.



Japan Launch Date – 3 July 2015 Continue Reading

Clarins Fall 2015 Collection Sneak Peek

Hello pretties!

I’m excited to give you a sneak peek of the upcoming Clarins Fall 2015 Collection which will hit counters in late summer. Only looking at that gorgeous Clarins Eyeshadow Palette for fall 2015 makes me eager to see this collection on the counters. Autumnal shades, browns, nudes this 5 colors Clarins Eyeshadow Palette is right up my alley and I’m guessing some of these shades have a satin or shimmery finish.



International Launch Date – Fall 2015 Continue Reading

Make Up For Ever Pro Bronze Fusion Summer 2015

Hello sweeties!

Summer is just around the corner so the hunt for bronzing makeup products begin. Make Up For Ever has recently launched Pro Bronze Fusion, a new bronzing powder available in six shades that gives you that nice sun kissed look. I’ll be frank and admit that I’m no fan of bronzing powders as a light skin tone I’ve always been afraid of too much contrast on my complexion. I do like to test and try those kind of bronzing powder that can be applied with a soft touch so I’m really curious to check out the new MUFE Pro Bronze Fusion in a lighter shade.


You need a sun-kissed complexion, whatever seasons or weathers? And you can’t wait for summer or vacations? The new Pro Bronze Fusion is for you. This new it-bronzer deposits a veil of color with no texture effect and its modular coverage offers a luminous and naturally tanned skin.

From golden to copper you can find the right shade for your skin and emphasize your tanned skin all day long, without any touching up. What could be better?


U.S. Launch Date – Now at Sephora and online

International Launch Date – Now at Make Up for Ever boutiques Continue Reading

Chanel Les Beiges Collection Summer 2015

Hello beauties!

I invite you to take a closer look at the upcoming Chanel Les Beiges Summer 2015 Collection as new promo photos have been revealed. Launching right at the beginning of summer the new Chanel Les Beiges offers mostly limited edition makeup products for face and cheeks in subtle, sun kissed or glowing colors that will give your complexion a natural, sun touched radiance. In case you missed my previous article you can check it out to see Chanel Les Beiges products photos.



U.S. Launch Date – June 2015

UK Launch Date – 15 June 2015

International Launch Date – June 2015 at Douglas, Sephora, Marionnaud Continue Reading

Chanel Blue Rhythm Summer 2015 Collection Promo Photos

Hello lovelies!

Chanel Blue Rhythm Collection for summer 2015 has been previously discussed as I posted about it several times already with new info and different photos. Also known as Chanel Blue Notes de Chanel (products photos, close-up images) this new summer 2015 collection is obviously concentrated around blue electric shades that will definitely make an impact this season, revealing a bright, intense makeup look.



U.S. Launch Date – June 2015 at Nordstrom, Macy’s

Europe Launch Date – July 2015 in the stores

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Paul & Joe Fall 2015 Collection Sneak Peek

Hello pretties!

If you follow Paul&Joe on Instagram you already know the cats are coming back. Yesterday as a tribute for reaching 5000 followers a sneak peek of Paul&Joe Fall 2015 Collection was released. I’m happy to see the new Paul&Joe Lipstick CS refills with cat motifs, so cute and sweet just like the previous editions and again it will be so hard to decide to use them as I wouldn’t want to ruin the pattern.



Japan Launch Date – August 2015 Continue Reading

Giorgio Armani Eclipse Collection for Summer 2015

Hello sweeties!

The new Giorgio Armani Eclipse Collection for summer 2015 is just around the corner, waiting to be released next month. Vivid shimmering metallic shades in combination with creamy textures will give you that gorgeous intense summer look that everyone is looking for in the next season. I will return with more photos closer to the launch date but until then I invite you to take a quick peek at Giorgio Armani Eclipse Summer 2015 line right after the cut.



International Launch Date – mid June 2015 in the stores Continue Reading