10 Gold Rules to prevent wrinkles apparition

I guess we all want to be young forever and without wrinkles. I wish I could stop time to those years when a lost night effects  were almost invisible and my skin looked fresh and without any wrinkles. Time passes and we can only make the best of it by taking care of ourselves the best we can.  I know that we can use special products and techniques to hide the imperfections, wrinkles or any sign of a sleepless night but it is  said that is more easy to prevent than to heal. So here are 10 Gold Rules that can slow down wrinkles appearing.

In order to  maintain your skin young and fresh, is no secret anymore: you must take care of  your complexion from a very young age! Follow the 10 advices that will help you, as they helped me, to combat the consequences caused by early aging!


  1. Healthy food! A healthy and balanced alimentation, rich in fruits and vegetables, is destine to bring a contribution of vitamins and antioxidants so much needed for your skin! If this contribution is not enough you can ask help from a nutrition doctor to prescribe you some supplements rich in antioxidants (vitamin A, C, E), zinc, magnesium, iron and fat acids like Omega 3 and Omega 6.
  2. Sun protection! The biggest skin enemy is, without doubt, the sun! Of course, it tans your skin and gives you a special look, when you return from vacation, but in the same time, causes irreversible damage. The UV rays quantity to which you are exposing yourself, has a significant importance, because the more you are exposing yourself to the sun, the biggest is the damage caused to your skin. My advice is: stay in the shadow as much time as possible and use sun lotion with high SPF.
  3. Adopt healthy gestures! You can optimize your cream efficiency by a simple and efficient gesture, due to unstrain the facial muscles. A good facial massage, will have a calming effect, destressing, attenuating the wrinkles, offering  your skin more shine and softness! To diminish the horizontal wrinkles from the forehead, make a massage with repeated movements, starting from the center towards temples. After, you can make soft circular motions around the eyes.
  4. Beauty salon! Nothing can be compared with a beauty treatment, for your tired skin, in a beauty salon. 3 times a year ( between seasons), a professional treatment will allow you to have a healthy skin and also a nourished skin all year long.
  5. Attendance specially adapted to your skin type! Sensitive, dry, mixte or oily skin doesn’t necessitate the same caring treatment. Because  of this, first of all you must diagnose your skin type, then you can apply a specific treatment. From the first wrinkles, peeling is recommended. This type of caring gently exfoliates the skin, adjust melanin synthesis  and stimulates collagen production. Dead cells elimination, permits a better cellular recovery.
  6. Start taking care of your skin from adolescence! Some specialists say that we must start developing a correct hygiene since adolescence. A young skin must be nourish, protected from UV rays and  aggressions caused by other external factors, in the same way like a mature skin. Starting from 15 years dermatologists recommend young girls to use a light hydrating cream, and from 20 to 25 years a treatment adapted to eye contour area, the most sensitive face area and the most exposed to first wrinkles apparition.
  7. Avoid smoking! Tobacco is another enemy that must be eliminated. We often hear, maybe one to many times: smoking is bad for your health. Besides this alarming messages, we have to keep in mind that this aspect is  disturbing especially for women. Besides all the health problems we are exposing our bodies to, our skin also suffers: from here appears that tern aspect that we see on a early aged skin.
  8. Chase away the stress! Stress is another feared enemy. Physique and mentally stress  exhausts us all! Not even the skin is protected from stress: wrinkles that with time become deeper and deeper. I’m talking about the expression wrinkles. Before appealing to methods proposed by esthetic medicine, try to protect yourself using a better stress management.
  9. Get some rest! Physical exhaustion can be read on your face, and definitely has nefarious consequences over your skin! A nap is essential in order that your skin can relax but also an opportunity for cells to regenerate, after  day time aggressions. Adopt a night cream: the new formulas repair the epidermis and leave the skin breathing.
  10. Drink a lot of water! Is no longer a secret that alcohol has damaging consequences for our complexion: tern and dull skin aspect, accelerating premature skin aging. Alcohol molecules cover the blood vessels, inducing a  network of easy broken capillary. The solution is, to consume lots of water to hydrate your body and cells.


  1. thank you for a good post for a start of the week!
    I love # 4!!! :)and I try to keep all those rules but stress is still my big problem. I may even write about it soon.

  2. Great tips! Something I also do for anti-aging/overall health is to use all natural and organic beauty products. The chemicals in products contribute to disease and are absorbed into the body, affecting the organs. If you go green with your beauty routine, you will see and feel the difference.

  3. Well, it looks like I have some things to work on… 🙂

    I’m good on the moisturizing because since the age of 16 I’ve used a good moisturizing cream. I’m almost twenty now so I guess I will have to start using a treatment adapted to contour area of my eye.

    Stress; I think that with school it’s almost impossible to chase that away. I love your post by the way!

    • Thanks for your comments ladies. I’m happy that you enjoyed the post. We must try as much as possible to eliminate stress from our lives although I know It’s almost impossible. I’m still working on that 🙂

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