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Emerald’s magic

This summer, wear a catching perfume which can eye line your beauty and delicacy, grace to his fresh mix, warm and sensual of fruits, flowers and “beach accords”: Estee Lauder Emerald Dream EDP Spray Travel Exclusive. It’s a floral perfume, matching your romantic and seductive spirit. The notes are:tangerine, honeysuckle, apricot & cool breeze of blue basil. If you are a sophisticated woman, this fragrance was design just for you.

You are sensational!

Take with you this summer the new perfume of Celine Dion – Sensational. And if you are thinking of going abroad and you want to see a concert of the famous singer, you will perfectly understand the message of this perfume: live on the life’s scene! Among the notes you will scent mimosa, jasmine, amber and musk.

Beauty news


What is more pleasant than a bath in a swimming – pool or a sea? A make up that can resist even under water, normally! Give volume to your eyelashes and enjoy the waves without worrying about your mascara; count on Max Factor Master-piece Waterproof.

Summer of the colors

Celebrities impose a new dashing tendency concerning nail color: vivid and shiny shades. Wear “neon” colors and charm everyone with a single gesture. The new nail polish Colorama from Maybelline New York, resist on your nails a long time – till 7 days- and the new brush assures a perfect application, without lines. Choose one of the 30 colors absolutely irresistible, match them with your clothes or even to your… mood and keep your hands on sight all the time. Continue Reading

Madonna and Guy travel to Italy

Two days ago, Madonna hired one of the best lawyers for her divorce, now she seems to have taken a three-day break with Guy in Italy. Although they slept in separate rooms, the two of them traveled together to visit Milan at the end of last week, leaving their three children Lourdes 11-year-old, Rocco 7-year-old and adopted David of 2-year-old with the nanny.

The two of them didn’t spend so much time together because they’ve had different schedules. A friend of the couple disclosed: Continue Reading

Colin Farrell maddly in love

All the rumors that were circulating around earlier this month about Colin being married with Muireann McDonnell were false. 32-year-old actor has been seen on the LAX Airport wearing a ring on the finger of his left hand so everyone concluded that he was secretly married with the Irish student.

As we can see now, Colin has other plans for his love life, being involved with English novelist Emma Forrest for about six months. This new love has a very positive influence on him because the actor give-up the alcohol fuelled nights and parties just to spend the evenings with her.

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Beauty book – Golden eye

Golden yellow can be worn on any moment of the day! Use a pink or purple crayon, then apply the eyeshadow. Ideal would be to create a shadow effect starting with a darker color which looses its intensity fading while she advances towards the eyebrow. Use a lipstick or a lip-gloss in natural colors!

Try it yourself: Continue Reading

Top-models fashion

For a successful look, you need to have lot of confidence in yourself. I’ve checked lately some of the famous top-models of the world and saw what they were wearing. Some of them left me a good impression and I’ve decided to share with you their style.

Agyness Deyn – Masculine hat

The hat already became a personal note in Agyness Deyn’s fashion clothes. She is just simply playing with the accessories and, every time, amazes through very personal and original clothes.

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Facial treatments with oxygen

For the health of our skin and boy, we have many options, as: to go to a special beauty salon, to treat ourselves with different natural products or to seek a specialist.

Use cosmetic and therapeutic products which have a special ingredient: oxygen. This vital gas is antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, anti-viral. In fact, is the best disinfectant. Plus, determines production in the deepest layers of dermis of an impressive quantity of collagen, which helps to keep young our skin aspect.

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Heather Locklear suffers from anxiety and drepression

In order to get treatment for “anxiety and depression” the “Melrose Place” actress has entered rehab. The 46-year-old star had it rough after her divorce in 2006 from Bon Jovi rocker Richie Sambora and after enduring a series of personal trials this year. All of this can cause “anxiety and depression” so she agreed to follow doctor’s orders and to check herself into a facility in Arizona. There she will be taken care of by professionals in order to re-evaluate her medical condition.

A source said: “She wanted to feel better and get to the bottom of what was troubling her. She’s had a rough year.” Continue Reading