Special products for removing waterproof makeup

Because waterproof products have ingredients which stay on the skin for a long period of time, you will need lotions with special formulas. To remove the resistant makeup, emollients of bi-phases makeup removals contain agents which remove not only the makeup, but also the sebum.

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Perfect face- china skin

In the summer is preferred to wear fonds de teint which can resist to high temperatures without dissolving themselves. This ones contains antioxidant substances, pigments like powder or the tocopherol complex ( derived from vitamin E). Dull powders absorb the sebum excess and resist to sweat due to some silicon micro spheres and color pigments.

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Seductive lips

Match to your swim suit a gloss or lipstick in sensual and lasting shades. Their formulas are not waterproof , but long lasting, and the textures resist on the lips more time even when you go out into the sun. Although contain fixing agents, lips cosmetics don’t have such powerful ingredients like the ones for eyes makeup, say the specialists. But still, some ingredients of these formulas can dry the lips.

Extra tip: The make-up artists from Max Factor, recommend that, after removing the gloss or lipstick, you should use a lip balm with a creamy texture which hydrate your lips.

  1. Crayon contour for lips AquaLip from Make Up For Ever
  2. Lip liner from Givenchy
  3. Gloss Long last glosswear with SPF 15 from Clinique
  4. Color Fever Rose lipstick by Lancome
  5. Gloss KissKiss in shade 868 Opal Pearl from Guerlain

Waterproof eyeshadows

At the sea, you never know which guy you want to seduce at the swimming pool. Eyeshadows and shadow sticks with waterproof formulas are the perfect instruments to mark out your seductive look. With creamy or powdery textures, this products have as a base ingredient a silicon formula in oily texture. It determines the adherence on the skin, easily application of the eyeshadow and skin softness. The specialists recommend, but still, don’t abuse of this makeup type. Continue Reading

Long lashes

Women desire a perfect makeup even when they go to the swimming pool. Cosmetic companies studies show that mascara is one of the most used waterproof products. Its resistance to water is due to specific ingredients: polyester fibres, waxes of honey and silicon. The first, form on the eyelash an invisible and impermeable layer. The waxes are used because they increase the eyelashes volume on water contact, and silicon prevents dissolving the mascara!
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Sand at your feet

  • Inspired accessories are the ones which you can count on when you bump directly into sun rays. Of course, the esthetics arguments are also decisive. Try straws hats with large brims, XL sun glasses and bathing suits in strong colors – are perfect for caramel color that you’ll have.
  • Strong protection – Don’t forget for one minute about SPF – I say it’s vital!
  • A special treatment – When the beach is part of your immediately plans, prepare your body as is becoming! Try wrapping with sea foam and grapes at the beauty saloons. This spoil, has multiple benefits: a delicate peeling, anticelulitic effect and a good help in eliminating water retention.
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Swimming pool temptation

  • Daring colors are the slogan for the chaise long spoil! Choose a coquettish swim suit, hair accessories in the summer spirit and you won’t have to worry about a thing. Try to relax near the swimming pool, enjoy the sun and a cold drink.
  • Tan falsification is not punishable! With the help of self tanning products, your body can have that summery color as fast as you say “sun”. For a plus of sensuality, try the sublime effect of the beach oil with pearly particles.
  • A delicate make-up is allowed even in the hours spent at the pool. Mark out your look with a waterproof mascara, and for lips keep the juicy glosses in peachy shades. But for your skin won’t looses its freshness, keep close a thermal water spray. Continue Reading

Glam products

Summer color

Bronze Expert by Terry will show you new sunny places! With a content of pigments 100% minerals, this bronze powder is a source of solar spoil during the year. The box easy to filter in any purse and the incorporated brush makes it extremely practical – so keep it close, every day.

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