Remedy for dry hair in only 3 steps

If your hair ends begin to cause you trouble, help them to regenerate in only 3 steps.

Step 1 – with brush. Once in a few days, spray over your hair brush a hydrating serum for brilliance – I recommend you Keune Care Line Ultimate shine repair, 25 ml – so your brush will glide trough your hair. Clean the brush weekly with soap. Ultimate Shine Repair is a polishing serum which contains vitamin E and antioxidant to protect the hair, leaving it beautifully shiny and soft. It also smoothes and helps to repair split ends, providing lasting condition and shine. The concentrated formula allows 120 treatments from one flask.

Stept 2 – shampoo with antioxidants. Protects the hair and it will defend it against heat, without affecting his volume. If you have coloured hair, try Nivea Brilliant Colour, but be careful to choose the right one for your hair colour. For optimal results, use it with the conditioner Nivea Intense repair. Will make your hair feel soft and supple without weighing down and enhances lively colour reflexes.

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Collistar Repair Treatment Vials with essential oils – anti hairloss

Due to stress, alimentation or other factors our hair is falling. I don’t want to cut it because i like my long natural hair, so I’ve tried something else.

Castor oil is one of the most important allies in which concerns hair regeneration. Use it with 45 minutes before you wash your hair. In the end, rinse your hair with warm water and lemon juice. Lack of hair volume is not due only to hairloss, it can also happened because of hair degradation.

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3 secrets that will make you look better over night

Complete your night ritual with some new maneuvers, and you will pick the results in the morning.

Use a deodorant

In the evening, the skin calm itself and becomes more dry; take advantage by applying a deodorant, which will penetrate deep into the sudoripare channels. It will keep blocking the sweat even the next day( even if you make shower). Try Dove Go fresh deodorants.

Get tanned in the…moon

The skin absorbs better the lotions during the night, like this the next day you will be uniformed tanned. The skin must be clean, exfoliated and hydrated. With half an hour before bed time ( so you don’t stain the lingerie) try the self tan body lotion Nivea Sun.

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How you choose a perfume – gift?

Definitely, you can’t buy it random. Of course it won’t be easy to guess someone’s taste, and the risk of not fitting him it’s very big. If u can’t find any clue from the one you want to surprise him, you will have to look for other signs.

What kind of music she/he listen? Classical music goes with floral perfumes – even oriental – or fruity. If listen to rock, indy or pop, your friend could prefer fruity aromas, and for a rythm& blues lover you can try an oriental perfume. Of course if you know for sure that is a fan of a certain star, and this one “signs” a perfume then you are saved!

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