Beautiful skin at 0 degrees

Winter is an aggressive season for our body, but also for our skin. Most major problems appear on those who have dry or sensitive skin which dehydrates in artificial warming interiors, and outside suffers from redness and smarting. But not even the oily or normal skin is less safe from the aggression of low temperatures.

To keep your skin beauty during winter, first of all, take care of hydration. A hydrated skin produces natural oils needed for protection against aggressive medium factors. Besides hydrating creams that nourish the skin you must think also of installing in your home an air moisturizer. In this way you will be avoiding the drying of the skin due to dry air by artificial warming.

Hot baths that we love so much in winter also drys the skin, and the soaps accentuates this effect. This is why, after shower don’t forget about body lotion and hydration creams. Insist especially on the dry arreas: elbows, knees, heels and take extra care of your face and neck. Continue Reading

How you can make your hair shine!

First of all, eat healthy. Your hair is build from a protein that is called keratin. Like wise consuming proteins from fish, eggs or milk will help the hair. This nutritional diet should last 6 months.

Keep your hair clean, because if you use to much styling products, this will remain on your hair and will affect its structure even more, forbids the shine. Use a purifying gentle shampoo which is not aggressive to your scalp.

Nourish the hair after each wash. Like you use body lotion after every shower, use conditioner after every hair wash. Chose some formulas with many nutrients and oils, like avocado oil or olives that helps repair the small cracks from the surface of the hair locks.

Don’t rub with your towel because when its wet its also fragile, and the rubbing can unstick the cuticles. It will be good to dry the hair naturally, but if you are in a hurry, use every time you can the cold air of the hairdryer. Like this you avoid the hair deterioration due to high temperatures of the warm air. Continue Reading

Vitamin C – treatment for wrinkles

How does Vitamin C helps your beauty?

Slows down the ageing process, helps restore collagen fibres when they are damaged and maintains the health of the sustentation tissue of the skin. Even more, the skin has a beautiful and clean aspect because Vitamin C is an antioxidant that neutralizes the toxic substances within the body.

In the beginning Vitamin C was used in cosmetic products because it brightens up the skin and uniforms the skin color. Also an amelioration of dull and tired skin was observed. After that was noticed that it intercedes in restoring the collagen and has also a very strong antioxidant effect. Continue Reading

Dry and dull hair? Try a hydration treatment

Everything is perfect, until you see that your hair is no longer silky and shiny like it was used to be, but dry and dull.


Among the genetic factors and external aggression ( frequent hair dying, to powerful hair dryer) another causes would be daily exposure in the sun without adequate protection and salty sea water that had affected your hairs. Sebaceous glands atrophies and no longer permit the flux sebum to hydrate and protect the hair. That is why, now your hair is dry and deteriorated.

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Does our eyes need special treatment?

Yes! Definitely yes! Look carefully, deep into your eyes, and tell me: what do you see?

An ultra-delicate skin which looks like thin paper? I think it’s time to learn to take care of it! The skin around our eyes it’s between 5 and 10 times more thinner than the rest of our face skin. In the same time, it’s also the less irrigated because the blood and lymphatic vessels are more fragile and fewer. Unlike the body skin, nose or chin, the skin around the eye does not have sebaceous glands, which gives a dry tide.

Smoking, coffee, cold, wind, unmakeup , excessive exposing in the sun and loosing nights are some of the negative factors that affects the teguments around the eyes. So not only that the skin around the eyes is much more delicate, but we spend our whole life sensitising even more. As a result, it’s the firs area that shows ageing effects. This appears not only as wrinkles and thin lines, but also as bumps and dark circles that we need to treat them adequately.

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Wrinkles around the eyes? Your answer is: Estee Lauder Re-Nutriv Re-Creation Eye Balm

You have discovered the wrinkles around the eyes and you’re wondering what you can use to make them go away.

Dehydration is the reason why thin lines and wrinkles appears, and the cream that you are using maybe it’s not indicated also for the eye area. You need a cream contour for eye: Estee Lauder Re-Nutriv Re-Creation eye balm which hydrates and protects on the long term.

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Make your lips look “fuller” – Collistar Brightening touch illuminating concealer & Estee Lauder Pure Color Swirl Gloss

If Mother Nature didn’t gift you with big lips, is not the case to resort to surgical methods; the make-up can save you! I will tell you some tricks and tips that will help you get fuller lips.

  1. Use a lipstick of blueberry color to outline your lips in the central area trough interior.
  2. Apply a corrector all around the lips in order to stop the lipstick from spreading.
  3. Spread the corrector with your finger and easy press it from one place to another to fix it on.
  4. As a final touch, apply a very shiny gloss, in a very natural color. When the light will reflect in the lip shine, will let the impression of a much fuller lips

As products i recommend you Corrector Collistar Brightening touch illuminating concealer and Estee Lauder pure color swirl gloss.

Contrast game – Rimmel London soft kohl & Bourjois Mascara Volume Glamour

There’s no need to accentuate your eyes and your lips to be more sexy! Make-up artists choose contrasts and they advise us to stake only at one point of attraction.

For eye make-up, choose black – use a contour crayon “carbon” like Rimmel London Soft Kohl and a mascara – Bourjois Mascara volume glamour ultra black and for the lips, choose a transparent gloss. Of course, you can change the register anytime using only mascara on the eyelashes and a daring lipstick on the lips.

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