La Prairie Midnight Blues Makeup Collection for Fall 2010

La Prairie is one of my favorite cosmetic brands as you probably know by now. I’ve used many of their face and eye creams and I’m devoted to this brand forever.

I can’t say I have tried their make-up products so far but I’m opened to any nice shades.

From morning to midnight, La Prairie has your colour needs covered, with sensual shades for the eyes, cheeks and lips that conjure visions of Paris nightlife, off the beaten path cabarets and all that jazz. It’s about understated sexiness, in the form of berry and plum lips, warm cheeks and a sultry, smoky eye in unexpected colour combinations of blues and violets.

Says noted New York City makeup artist, founder of Cheek to Chic makeup consultancy and La Prairie Colour Ambassador Raychel Wade, “Fall is a time when women reach for rich makeup colours, and “Midnight Blues” delivers just that! Using deep blues and cool pinks is a great way to accentuate and enhance your natural look, and this colour palette provides endless possibilities to create just the right amount of drama, so people notice you and not just your makeup!”

“Our customers crave a bit of sensuality in colour, along with science in skincare, so we work tirelessly to deliver both. Our “Midnight Blues” collection weaves together a beautiful story of sultry nights that is sure to strike a chord with women,” says La Prairie President Lynne Florio.

Their Midnight Blues makeup collection for fall 2010 will be available from August 2010 at Bergdorf Goodman, Bloomingdale’s, Neiman Marcus, Nordstrom, Saks Fifth Avenue and

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MAC Alice + Oliva Makeup Collection for Summer 2010 + Promo Photos

A few months ago I was posting the preliminary information on MAC Alice + Olivia Makeup Collection for summer 2010 and today we finally get to see those promo photos.

Nothing was changed from my last posting as far as I can tell, the products’ names, prices and official launch dates are  still the same.

If I had a world of my own, everything would be nonsense. Nothing would be what it is because everything would be what it isn’t. And contrary-wise, what it is, it wouldn’t be, what it wouldn’t be, it would. You see?” — alice + olivia Stacey Bendet, new York native, downtown-fashionista, all-around fun girl, and the sum total of design line alice + olivia, MAC’s latest collaborator.

A frump-fighting, pro-pixie, anti-seriousness collection of colour that includes new takes on Dazzleglass Creme, So Rich So Pretty Nail Lacquer and Partylicious Pigments…


U.S. Launch Date: July 8th, 2010
International Launch Date: August 2010 (Japan & Korea only)

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Urban Decay Makeup Collection for Fall 2010 – Round-Up

It sure looks like Urban Decay was the star on my blog today. This is one of my favorite makeup collections for fall 2010 and I love each and every eyeshadow from those palettes. Of  course I have my eyes on some of the Lip Junkies colors as well but for now I only hope the collection will be available in my country as well.

All the products featured in Urban Decay makeup collection are already available at Macy’s, ULTA, Sephora and

I’ve done several posts with the products included in the fall collection, because there is a lot of information and also lots of promo and close-up photos that couldn’t be featured in the same post.

So, take a look at the following articles and make your choice.

Urban Decay Makeup Collection for Fall 2010 includes the following products:

and finally you can check out swatches of the Naked and Vegan Palettes right here.

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Urban Decay New Products from the Fall 2010 Makeup Collection

I finally present you some of the other products that Urban Decay released for the Fall 2010 season. The same as the other products that we’ve seen so far (Naked Palette, Vegan Palette, Good Karma Brushes, Lip Junkie Lip Gloss and Urban Lashes) these have also a cute packaging and gorgeous colors.

The entire collection is already available on-line as well as @Sephora, Macy’s, ULTA and

They’ve released Flavored Body Powder with new and amazing packaging and available in 3 shades.  We will also see new Highlighter Cream available in 4 shades but for more close-up photos and detail information follow me after the jump. Continue Reading

Urban Decay Naked Palette for Fall 2010 + Promo Photos

Hi everyone,

I’ve already posted an article about Urban Decay Naked Palette (information + swatches) for Fall 2010 a few days ago but now I’ve received the official information and promo photos so I thought you may wanna see them. 🙂

We don’t do modesty here. Full frontal is how Urban Decay does neutral! A far cry from ‘G’ rated, the Naked Palette by Urban Decay features a shade range that runs from the nudest champagne to the grittiest gunmetal.

Office-appropriate smoldering all at once, the long and lean Naked Palette houses 12 eyeshadows, including 7 of their best-sellers (Gunmetal, Half Baked, Naked, Sidecar, Sin, Smog and Toasted) and 5 new saucy shades (Buck, Creep, Darkhorse, Hustle and Virgin). Matte, shimmer, satin or sparkle, they’ve upped the ante with these essential shadows.

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Urban Decay Vegan Palette – Limited Edition – for Fall 2010 + Promo Photos

Urban Decay Vegan Palette (swatches) is dedicated to all those who “just say no” when it comes to using animal by-products of any kind.

Just to ensure nobody’s bamboo panties get in a bunch, the Vegan Palette is printed on recycled materials with soy-based inks. Decorated with intricate hand-drawn depictions of everyone’s favorite animals big and small. The New Limited Edition palette includes tons of vegan shades in vibrant teal, silvery-money-green eye shadows and 4 beautiful neutral shades

Even though this palette has one of the most pretty packaging I’ve ever seen and the eye shadows are just gorgeous it deserves to be taken seriously.


Urban Decay Vegan Palette ($ 34.00) is available at Sephora, ULTA and Macy’s or online and

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Urban Decay Lip Junkie Lip Gloss Collection for Fall 2010

It was about time to see some lip colors from Urban Decay for the fall 2010 season. You know I’m a lip gloss fanatic so checking out new shades is always a happy time for me. 🙂

Don’t blow your fix on glosses that don’t live up to their hype. Get hooked on Lip Junkie Lip Gloss and experience super-shine and long-lasting color without the sticky hangover. Pick you poison: choose from 11 chic shades that range from pretty neutrals to high-voltage brights, in sheer to medium coverage. Guaranteed to turn even the straightest-edge chicks into fiends.

The luxe mint-flavored formula is laced with Maxi Lip, a key collagen boosting ingredient that moisturiezes and actually plumps lips an average of 40% when used daily for a month! Being an addict has never looked so lovely.


Lip Junkie Lip Gloss is available at Sephora, ULTA, and select Macy’s or online at and

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Urban Decay Urban Lash Collection for Fall 2010

Hello everyone,

This article is not dedicated only to all ladies out there who are crazy about false eyelashes but for everyone (I include myself in this category) who is a novice, haven’t ever tried false lashes and wants to give it a try.

Urban Decay Urban Lash collection for fall 2010 includes 18 gorgeous eyelashes divided in 3 categories (Super Natural, Color Play, Going Big) so anyone can choose their lashes according to that special occasion and not only.

“He who winks his eyes plans perverse things…” Proverbs 16:30

As evidence by the Bible, winking has historically been considered a dirty little secred shared by two randy individuals.
Custom designed by Urban Decay, Urban Lash offeres false lashes suitable for any and every situation, whether you’re accidentally seducing and elder Republican, or at home dancing in your undewear with a fan blowing your hair back a la Demi Moore in Striptease.

Varying styles and widths (1/4, 3/4, and full) so easy and eight year old could put them on, will boost your confidence and add as much or as little drama to your lash life as you please. The 18 different styles offer up a wide range of different and beautiful lashes…most are everyday wearable! The handmade, cruelty-free, synthetic fibres make each pair affordably guiltless. Every ornate, little box comes with latex-free adhesive in a bottle with a built in applicator wand, ensuring no lash or glue snafus and total peace of mind.

Are you in a hurry! No need to worry because all you have to do is toss on your favorite style of Urban Lash and throw on some gloss. Customize each pair by trimming the lash width for a perfect fit, making your falsies look like they were made just for you. To prevent lash-slide, wait 10 seconds for the glue to get tacky before fitting your new lashes snugly in place.


Urban Decay Urban Lash (SRP $15.00) is available at Macy’s and ULTA or online at

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