ChicProfile Goes on Vacation

Hello my dears!

As from today I will take a break from posting on the blog because I’m going on VACATION. This time I’ll be going to the sea so I can’t wait to get there and have a good time and especially a great tan. 🙂

This will be my first vacation where I don’t take my laptop with me so I won’t be posting for a few days, but you can catch up on my old posts and see if you’ve missed any of them. As soon as I’ll get back I will post an article, probably show you a few photos if you like and most important, I will host a  new GIVEAWAY for August Top 10 Commentators. Continue Reading

Senna Lip Products for Summer 2010 – Preview, Photos, Swatches

Hey girls!

I finally got back home a few days ago after 2 months of wandering trough the world and I had lots of new products that were waiting for me on my desk. I really don’t know when I will find the time to review everything I’ve got. 🙂

So I will do a short preview with all the products I’ve got from Senna Cosmetics and I will review each product later.

I don’t know how many of you are familiar with Senna products but I discovered this brand a few months ago and I really love their Earth Angel Collection for Spring – Summer 2010.

I’m really addicted to lip glosses so here are the lip products I’ve got. Let me know which color you like, or if you heard or tried Senna products before. I really want to know how you see this brand, since is the first time I get to try their products. 🙂

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Chic Enjoyed Reading! – 25.07.2010

Hi everyone!

I hope you are having a weekend! What have you girls been up to lately? 🙂

I’m sorry I haven’t posted in the last few days but the main reason is that I came to my home town and here has been terrible hot in the last couple of days  (+35 degrees Celsius) and I didn’t felt like blogging on these temperatures especially when my room doesn’t have air conditioner. I’ve been going out with friends all day long because it’s impossible for me to stay home when is this hot. Today is not so terrible hot outside so I’ve open my laptop to post a few articles.

Germany – a lake near Neuschwainstein castle

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MAC Rodarte Collection for Fall 2010 + New Photos

Hi everyone,

I have some new photos from MAC Rodarte Collection for fall 2010 that I want to share with you. I know this collection was subject of many discussions but I don’t want to debate that, I just want to update the post and show you what the products look like.


U.S. Launch Date: September 15th, 2010 @ Select Partner Locations & MAC Stores Only
International Launch Date: To be Announced

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Round-Up: MAC Fabulous Felines Makeup Collection for Fall 2010 – Close-up Photos + Face Charts

Hey Girls!

I’ve posted close-up photos for each of the 3 collections included in the MAC Fabulous Felines makeup collection for fall 2010 as well as the Face Charts for each collections and now it’s time for a Round-Up post.

Slink, Purr, Prowl, Preen…MAC Fabulous Felines

You can keep her, but you’ll never own her. From the royal halls of ancient Egypt to the wilds of the jungle, the noble cat has always been associated with the exotic, mysterious, beauty, elegance, and most of all, the feminine. M·A·C has a seductive new take on the feline mystique. M·A·C FABULOUS FELINES. The most alluring, preening, fawned-over facets of the feline are magnified and accentuated in three new collections inspired by the colours and textures of the world’s most prized pedigrees, perfectly mirroring the rich shades and slinky sophisticated looks we saw on the Fall 2010 runways. Continue Reading

MAC Fabulous Felines Palace Pedigreed Collection for Fall 2010 – Face Chart + Makeup Tutorial

Last but not least I present you the Face Chart of the MAC Fabulous Felines Palace Pedigreed collection for Fall 2010. If I had to choose from all of the three collections I would say this one is my favorite. I really like the Eyeshadow Quad and Pigments but I will admit that I’m curious to see those eyeliners and Lipglasses. 🙂

How do you feel about this collection?

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MAC Fabulous Felines Leopard Luxe Collection for Fall 2010 – Face Chart + Makeup Tutorial

After posting the close-up photos about MAC Fabulous Felines Leopard Luxe collection for Fall 2010 I thought you might be interested in seeing the face chart attached to this makeup collection.

The new collection will be available starting September 2010 at all MAC locations so if you want to know what products to you need to achieve this look follow me after the jump. Continue Reading

MAC Fabulous Felines Burmese Beauty Collection for Fall 2010 – Face Chart + Makeup Tutorial

If you like MAC Fabulous Felines Burmese Beauty collection for fall 2010 you would probably want to know what products you should use for a Burmese Beauty makeup inspired look.

The new collection will available in September 2010 at all MAC locations.

Follow me after the jump and I will tell you all the names of the products you need to achieve this look. 🙂 Continue Reading