Artdeco Spring 2013 Express Beauty for Nails Collection – Official Info & Photos

Hello beauties!

Artdeco has recently expanded the Express Beauty for Nails Collection by three more new nail care products.



International Launch Date – February 2013 at Douglas and Muller perfumeries

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Artdeco Spring 2013 Express Beauty for Nails Collection

Whitening Nail Buffer – New & Permanent

Used regularly, the Whitening Nail Buffer gently removes mild discoloration of the fingernails and gives your nails a neat shine. Very handy to carry in your handbag, perfect for traveling.

Natural Bleaching Nail Lacquer – New & Permanent

Artdeco’s Natural Bleaching Nail Lacquer represents a whole new generation of brighteners. The combination of a patented ingredient with Lemon extract has an immediate optical brightening effect, restoring shine to discolored, dull nails. A special technology makes the formula especially permeable to oxygen. This facilitates optimum supply of oxygen to the nails, thus preventing further discoloration. Both natural and artificial nails take on a naturally radiant appearance.

Instant Repair Nail Lacquer – New & Permanent

This exceptionally nourishing polish is the perfect solution for short, weak and brittle nails. A unique cocktail of ingredients consisting of marine minerals, Algae, Goji berry extract and Vitamin A, Vitamin C as well as Vitamin E nourishes the natural keratin structure of the nails, thus preserving their elasticity. Simultaneously, a patented ingredient strengthens the nails and increases their durability. Apple stem cells, combined with a cocktail of antioxidants, supply key nutrients for regenerating the nails and prevent premature nail keratin aging. For healthy, strong nails and an ultra-shiny, well-groomed finish.


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