Dior Cosmpolite Fall 2015 Collection Photos

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No more sneak peek of Dior Cosmopolite Fall 2015 Collection, no more intriguing previews of Dior Cosmopolite 5 Couleurs Palettes as time has finally come for us all to enjoy some gorgeous promo images and see what this collection has to offer. If in my previous article I told you about the new Dior Addict Fluid Shadows today it’s time to unveil everything so follow me after the jump and discover the entire collection.



U.S. Launch Date – 27 July 2015

Japan Launch Date – 31 July 2015

International Launch Date – August 2015 Continue Reading

Guerlain Bloom of Rose Fall 2015 Collection

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We get right into the summer with a sneak peek of Guerlain Bloom of Rose Fall 2015 Collection which will hit counters at the end of season. Recently in Tokyo the brand gave a quick presentation of its new fall 2015 makeup collection which allows us to take a first look at what seems to be a Guerlain rose inspired makeup collection. Some would say the white packaging of the new Guerlain Kiss Kiss Rose Lip may seem cheap but in my opinion white expresses purity so I think this is exactly what the brand wants to reveal, a light texture of a new Kiss Kiss lip balm.



International Launch Date – end August 2015

Japan Launch Date – 1 August 2015

Romania Launch Date – September 2015 Continue Reading

Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Gel Eyeliner New Shades

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This season Bobbi Brown’s award-winning, long-lasting liner comes now in nine limited edition bring back shades. If you are not familiar by now with Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Gel Eyeliners, you should know they offer the precision of a liquid liner because of their new gel-based formula and promises 12 hour of waterproof and sweat and humidity-resistant wear. With the hot season just knocking at our doors a gel eyeliner like this one is really something it shouldn’t miss from every makeup addict’s kit. Don’t miss out on the new Bobbi Brown Best In Lips Summer 2015 Collection (official info, photos) that just hit counters this month.



U.S. Launch Date – Now at Macy’s, Neiman Marcus and online @bobbibrowncosmetics.com Continue Reading

Lancôme Jason Wu IV The Finale Collection

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Now you can get the perfect runway look with the new Lancome Jason Wu IV Collection which features two shades of L’Absolu Rouge lipstick in limited edition, a gorgeous All Over Face multi-palette with shades chosen by Jason himself.



U.S. Launch Date – June 2015 at Macy’s, Neiman Marcus Continue Reading

Isadora Blue Breeze Summer 2015 Collection

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Every year around summertime Isadora launches a new bronzing makeup collection and since this year no brand has missed the blue trend for the this season, here goes its inspiration. Isadora Blue Breeze Summer 2015 line features mostly strong blue shades and a new Face Sculptor that will match a tanned skin perfectly. Discover the new products right after the jump.


Let’s get inspired by a fresh Ocean Breeze that sweeps along the sunny shores, plays with your hair and colors your eyes and nails with a Deep Sea blue!


International Launch Date – June 2015 at Douglas perfumeries Continue Reading

Catrice It Pieces Fall 2015 Collection

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Here comes the information on Catrice It Pieces, the first fall 2015 collection of the brand which represents in my opinion a preview of the new and interesting makeup products Catrice has to offer in the new season. Presented as a limited edition, Catrice It Pieces Collection features just some of the products that will be joining the permanent range right at the end of summer. So take a look after the jump, see what you like and if you are in the mood for some fall makeup shades then get your wishlist ready as these are launching right in the middle of summer but if you would like to wait then you can also check them out when Catrice will change its permanent makeup line.


Autumn Debut. Inspired by the runway creations, it’s time to select the favourites of the season. Warm to bluish berry shades are amongst the key trends and give clear cuts a new look. The use of soft nudes and feminine rosé nuances sets accents and brings variety to both clothes and make-up. Stylistic discrepancies are en vogue and old classics are enjoying a revival. Smooth and matt textures are skilfully combined with soft, top-quality wool. The new Limited Edition “It Pieces” by CATRICE presents the beauty highlights. The must-haves include the new Deluxe Trio Eyeshadows with three baked colour nuances each, the Glossy Lip Glow, which reacts to the pH-value of the lips and offers a rosy to pink look, as well as the classic Ultimate Stay Lipsticks with pure colour pigments and a satin-matt finish. This Autumn/Winter season, your complexion simply cannot make do without the quadruple-colour Multi Matt Blush and the Illuminating Highlighter Pen for subtle shimmer effects. Perfectly colour-coordinated, the nails stand out in berry and nude tones.


International Launch Date – mid July until the beginning of August 2015 Continue Reading

Shiseido Ever Bloom for Fall 2015

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This week Shiseido revealed Ever Bloom, its new feminine fragrance that is scheduled to be launched in Europe in early fall. So far I like everything about this fragrance from its pink bottle which expresses femininity  to its floral notes, so I’m happy to know I’m among the lucky countries where this edition will hit counters this year. The new Shiseido Ever Bloom took perfumer Aurelien Guichard more than two years and over 2.000 different versions to reach perfections and it’s described as a modern scent. Chosen to represent Shiseido Ever Bloom ad campaign with the slogan “Because the beauty is already in you” was the German model Tess Hellfeuer.



Europe Launch Date (Except France) – September 2015

Dubai, Qatar and Lebanon – August 2015

U.S. | Asia | France Launch Date – 2016 Continue Reading

Lunasol Chocolate Fall 2015 Collection

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If you truly appreciate a classical nude makeup look then you can’t definitely miss the new Lunasol Chocolate Fall 2015 Collection coming out the end of summer. Said to be chocolate scented,  Lunasol fall 2015 makeup products come in a variety of nude, natural, earthy and brown shades that will be hard to resist. When I’m not in a mood for pinks and purples then I’m surely craving for a naked makeup look in tones just like this upcoming Lunasol makeup collection has to offer.



Japan Launch Date – 21 August 2015

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