3 secrets that will make you look better over night

Complete your night ritual with some new maneuvers, and you will pick the results in the morning.

Use a deodorant

In the evening, the skin calm itself and becomes more dry; take advantage by applying a deodorant, which will penetrate deep into the sudoripare channels. It will keep blocking the sweat even the next day( even if you make shower). Try Dove Go fresh deodorants.

Get tanned in the…moon

The skin absorbs better the lotions during the night, like this the next day you will be uniformed tanned. The skin must be clean, exfoliated and hydrated. With half an hour before bed time ( so you don’t stain the lingerie) try the self tan body lotion Nivea Sun.

Fight the pimples in the dark

Anti acne creams work better if they are applied on clean skin, not under makeup. Anti – grease ingridients (salicilic acid) make you more sensitive in the sun; it’s wiser to use them “in the dark”. Search at Sephora the treatment Murad Acne Spot Treatment. It has a new powerful formula¬† that clears blemishes and reduces redness.

  • sulfur minimizes the severity of current acne breakouts.
  • Zinc soothes and helps reduce inflammation.
  • Salicylic acid exfoliates to accelerate healing.
  • Licorice extract and allantoin, anti-inflammatory ingredients, help reduce inflammation.
  • Hydrolized oat flour helps to counteract dryness and flaking.
  • Oxysomes (a powerful blend of vitamins C and E), help keep skin protected.

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