A few rules to follow for a complexion without wrinkles

It’s up to you if the traces of time are less visible on your face. There are methods which can keep your skin looking young and fresh.

French specialists quoted by “Journal des femmes” offers you 10 life principles, which guarantees a beautiful complexion, for a long time. To be noted that these rules must be applied simultaneously, consistently and with perseverance.


  • Healthy and balanced nutrition, rich in fruits and vegetables, as the main source for intake of vitamins and minerals (infinitely better assimilated and more active than those of synthesis, the pill). But fruits and vegetables are not sufficient in the absence of complex sources of antioxidants, zinc (a real doctor for your skin), copper, magnesium, selenium and acids from the  Omega 3 and Omega 6 series.
  • Sun protection is also an important detail which you need to take into account all year. Using creams with SPF is more than necessary during the summer, but is equally useful during winter, and spring and autumn. In winter, the harmful sun rays are as intense as in the summer, especially if there is snow. In cities full of glass and concrete, solar radiation is amplified. Sun rays produce free radicals which can produce severe and irreversible damage to skin tissue and collagen layer, the true “foundation” of your complexion. In conclusion, the cream against ultraviolet rays, should be used continuously. Do not forget the neck and cleavage!


  • Simple gestures. You can optimize your cream efficiency, with small gestures. A facial massage adapted to your skin type (you can get professional advice from either a dermatologist or an cosmetician) will only benefit. The massage increases tissue’s oxygenation, absorption of nutrients from the cream and relaxes facial muscles. The massage is especially effective against horizontal wrinkles on the forehead and those formed around the mouth. Pay attention to ears and chin, and don’t forget the neck!
  • Specialty treatments are recommended at least once every 3-4 months. Ideal would be, that at the beginning of every season, to let your complexion be spoiled by a full nourishing treatment, which should contain a professional peeling. The wrinkle apparition is delayed if you make superficial peelings regular, which have the purpose to stimulate collagen production.
  • Adapt the products  you use (creams, masks, lotions) to your skin type. Is very important that your skin type is diagnosed by a professional, especially if we are talking about a mixte complexion. Use only products designed for your skin type and age, and check every 2-3 years, if you pass in other category. Usually, normal skin can be transformed into dry skin, and the oily one can have, with time, severe dehydration problems.
  • Nourishing and cleansing since adolescence. Golden rule says that a beautiful complexion is a clean complexion. Cleansing must be delicate, but constantly. Your skin beauty is the measurement of  your beauty routine. Starting from 18 years are recommended tonic and hydration lotions. SPF lotions are recommended beginning with 15 years.
  • Smoking – the biggest enemy. Besides all the inconveniences that smoking and tobacco smoke cause, are those regarding the skin. Tobacco blocks the access of nutrients inside the skin tissues, determine the fragility of blood vessels and give a gray tint and aging air to the skin.


  • Stay tonic! Stress, tension and irritation are factors that exhausts. The signs of this kind of effort can be seen on your face, and unfortunately, are the most frequent causes that cause wrinkle appearance. Solution is to stay tonic, optimistic and confident in yourself, because against this problems there is not anti-wrinkle cream.
  • Fatigue has the bad habit to be seen very well and stay for a long time on your face. A sleep of minimum 7 hours, restful, at optimal temperature, is the equivalent of a cosmetic treatment. The problem is that must be done every night.
  • Drink water, avoid alcohol! Alcohol is very harmful for skin. Produces a deep dehydration, accelerates cuperoza, produces free radicals and ages. Alcohol molecules attacks capillary walls and reduces their permeability. Instead of alcohol, in whatever form it is, dermatologists recommend water. In any quantity!


  1. Oh wow Tavia this is a great post! I’ll have to link to this sometime, really sounds like you did alot of research. Haha. Oh I am starting to do some anti wrinkle steps as now that I’m 21 I think it’s time 😛 Prevention is better than cure, right? 😛

    xx Renee

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