Accessories – finishing touches


Skinny, studded or decorative, a belt is the best way to pull your outfit together. The trick is to pick the right one. Like your shoes, it can make or break an outfit.


They’re a girl’s best friend – but it’s not just about trusty old black. Take your cue from the catwalk and pick lace, print or color.


  • Try matching them up – pick out a color in the print you’re wearing and echo it in your tights.
  • Keep it tonal – if you’re wearing more than two colors in your outfit, keep your tights in tune (eg, primaries with primaries, pastels with pastels).
  • Grey is the new black – who knew how versatile grey opaques could be? Update your LBD with a pair – so chic, tres Francais and oh-so-simple.
  • Match your tights to the color of your shoes for an instant leg-legthening effect.


You can wear this look two ways. Either ensure the tights are the main event and pare everything else down, or do as they did at D&G and clash tartan checks throughout your outfit.


And you thought we waved goodbye to these in the Eighties… Lace tights are a little tricky to wear as patterned designs add inches. Team with a simple style to keep it chic.


Gloves were huge on the catwalk this season, thanks to both the English heritage trend and the cropped sleeve lengths on jackets and coats. So if you’ve got’em, flaunt’em…

How to wear

  • There are two ways to go: wrist -length gloves in black give and edgier look, especially when worn with a cropped – sleeved coat, as seen at Bottega Veneta. Or, on crop-sleeved jackets, longer-length gloves make an elegant style statement.
  • Steer clear of jewellery on the outside of your gloves: you are not and extra in funeral scene from The Godfather…
  • For a more classic look, keep it chic and go for gloves in neutral or tonal colors.


Silk scarves hit my radar when Dolce&Gabana declared The Queen a key inspiration. But before pulling one on, read this dos and don’ts:

  • Knot your scarf and wear it like a necklace for a more casual look.
  • Knot it around your neck a la Dolce&Gabana.
  • Don’t tie it on your head unless you look like Audrey Hepburn – you may get mistaken for Dot Cotton.
  • Don’t wear too much jewellery. This look is all about the scarf, so keep ears and neckline free.
  • Experiment – eg, clash a coloured printed scarf with striped tee.

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