Anna Sui Fall 2013 Anniversary Makeup Collection – Info & Photos

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Let’s take a peek at the new products featured in the upcoming Anna Sui Fall 2013 Anniversary Makeup Collection. Anna Sui celebrates its 15th anniversary in the fall with this new collection and releases a new version of the Rose Ring Rouge which was first created in 2001.



Japan Launch Date – 1 August 2013

Take a look at the entire collection right after the jump.

Anna Sui Fall 2013 Anniversary Makeup Collection

Rose Ring Rouge – Limited Edition

Available in 8 shades:

  • #200 Dazzling Purple – silver, red pearls
  • #300 Coral Pink
  • #301 Clear Pink – gold, red pearls
  • #302 Fuchsia – gold, red pearls
  • #400 Anna Red
  • #600 Natural Orange – gold pearls
  • #700 Glittery Beige – gold, silver pearls
  • #800 Dazzling Gold – gold, silver pearls

Powder Foundation Set – Limited Edition

This set includes a compact powder, a mini primer and a beautiful heart embossed makeup bag.

Magic Toiletry Magic Box – Limited Edition

This gorgeous storage box with delicate rose totem complex will help you store any kind of items and will look great on your dressing table adding a sense of vintage luxury.


Rose Tissue Box – Limited Edition

Rose Doll Folding Mirror – Limited Edition

Enjoy more photos…

Anna-Sui-Fall-2013-Makeup-Collection-1 Anna-Sui-Fall-2013-Makeup-Collection-2 Anna-Sui-Fall-2013-Makeup-Collection-3 Anna-Sui-Fall-2013-Makeup-Collection-4

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  1. Do you happen to know any online store that I can purchase this collection? Thanks.

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