Anna Sui Kaleidoscope of Color Makeup Look for Fall 2010


I’ve already posted an article about Anna Sui Kaleidoscope of Color Collection for Fall 2010 and because I love the model makeup I want to dedicate an entire post and talk about the colors you need to achieve this look. 🙂

The color combination is simply amazing and very different from all other fall 2010 makeup looks I’ve seen so far. I’m not digging the lip color though, I would rather see a pink glossy shade if it was up to me. 🙂

Stay on top of the latest trend and look an Eccentric Bohemian! A few simple steps for this makeup look right after the jump.Step 1

Apply a deep color along upper eye line and extend it to create a thick cat-eye liner.

Step 2

Layer on light color from eye line all the way to below eye brow.

Step 3

Apply contradicting shade (Eye Color 303) as bottom eye liner, ending upwards to meet deep color ends, to enhance the uplifting effect.


Contradicting with colorful eye colors will create a playful girly touch for an overall mix and match boho style.

Key Shades

  • Eye Color Duo 07
  • Eye Color 303

I’ll guess I will have to use my own colors to achieve this look. Hopefully I’ll get the courage to post it once it will be ready. 🙂


  1. Im not talented at all to do this kind of make up, but with your step by step I think I can make it!!! tks so much!!!

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