Anna Sui Rose Whitening UV Base Makeup Collection for Spring/ Summer 2010

Anna Sui is going to release on 1st March a new Whitening UV Base Makeup Collection. The collection will be available in Japan for starters.

The collection also contains a new face powder, translucent, with a smooth texture that will give your skin a snow-white feeling. You can enjoy the summer without worrying about the UV rays with this new natural and fresh makeup.

This collection is all about keeping your skin silky-smooth and in the best condition, whether you decide to party on the beach, or do any kind of outdoor activities in the summer sun. The products from Anna Sui collection will not only make your skin breathe free in the sun offering the best protection, but you won’t have to worry even if you are living in a country with very hot temperatures and high humidity.

The new Magic Rose Whitening Fluid Foundation with SPF it’s long lasting and allows you to maintains a supple skin all day long.

The collection contains:

Magic Rose Protective Foundation Primer L SPF38 PA++ -30 g

Magic Rose Protective Foundation SPF 20 PA++ – 30 ml

Available in 8 shades

Dual-use Sunscreen Magic Rose Whitening Powder SPF 28 PA++

Available in 7 colors

Magic Rose Whitening dual-use Sunscreen Powder Box

Snow Doll Whitening Mask


  1. hmm that’s interesting….even tho I don’t own anything from Anna Sui and I don’t like the rosy packaging either LOL
    But I do want makeup I can wear during summer….Usually I can’t as I keep sweating off everything yuck gross!

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