Artdeco Marrakesh Sunset Collection for Summer 2012 – Information, Photos & Prices

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Shimmering heat, warm spicy colors, bustling bazaars, winding alleys and rich ornamentation – this is Marrakesh. The ‘pearl of the south’ is a dream straight out of the Arabian Nights. International designers are bringing the orient to the catwalks in 2012. Artdeco Marrakesh Sunset Collection wows with glowing aqua, coral, pink and a bronze-gold shimmer.


International – end of March 2012

Find out more about this collection right after the jumpART DESIGN Bronzing Powder Compact SPF 15- Limited Edition – Eur 22.00

Bronzing Powder Compact ART DESIGN 12 gives the face and décolleté a naturally tanned look. The light, transparent bronzing powder creates a matte finish. The powder is available in the dark nuance No. 02 and the lighter tone No. 06 in a limited design. The powder box is a real eye-catcher with an impressive turquoise and orange paisley pattern. The same design has been embossed as a relief on the powder itself. The Bronzing Powder Compact contains moisture-preserving Inca oil and nourishing pea extract. As a result, the powder prevents the skin from drying out. It is also free of lanolin, mineral oil, perfume and parabens. With SPF 15, it blocks harmful UV rays as well.

  • #02 dark shade
  • #06 lighter tone

ART DESIGN Bronzing Glow Powder – Limited Edition – Eur 16.80

Bronzing Glow Powder No. 1 is not only a highlighter, but also perfect for décolleté and shoulders. The pearly pigments it contains give the skin a matchless shimmer full of sparkling reflexes. Bronzing Glow Powder is also available in the limited ART DESIGN 12 compact and has the paisley relief imprinted on the powder inside as well.

ART DESIGN Bronzing Glow Blusher – Limited Edition – Eur 18.50

The decorative paisley relief adorns the Bronzing Glow Blusher and its limited ART DESIGN 12 compact. The three-color blush imparts a fresh hue to the cheeks in coral, fuchsia and rosewood. A gentle golden shimmer settles on the cheeks, accentuating the even coloring of the face. All colors can be combined with one another or applied separately. Parts of the face can be emphasized by an especially intensive application of a particular color. The color can even be used to match the wearer’s current mood!

Travel Kabuki – Eur 12.80

The Travel Kabuki in the practical travel size is ideal for application. Made from goat hair, the brush distributes the powder evenly on the hairline, bridge of the nose, cheeks and chin.

Eyeshadow – Eur 4.80

Pearly pigments make the colors especially radiant. The powder eyeshadows apply silky smooth, providing long-lasting color.

  • #13 Bronze Mirror
  • #30 Drifting Sand
  • #235 Sweet Apricot
  • #258 Clear Blue

ART DESIGN Duo Beauty Box – Limited Edition – Eur 6.80

Two eyeshadows at a time can be stored in style in the limited Beauty Box Duo ART DESIGN 12. The magnetic box shares the paisley design on the powder boxes in the colors aqua and coral.

All in One Waterproof Mascara – Eur 13.80

All in One Waterproof Mascara gives the lashes a powerful boost. The brush is ideally suited for the texture of the product and has two different functions: separating the individual lashes without clumping while at the same time adding volume. Varying the application technique makes it possible to create individualized effects – for perfect styling!

Hydra Lip Booster – Eur 9.50

  • #18 Translucent Mandarin
  • #32 Translucent Mocha
  • #38 Translucent Rose

Ceramic Nail Lacquer – Eur 7.50

Easy to apply, the colors create a yearning for summer. Ceramic Nail Lacquer contains patented ceramic particles that increase its durability and guarantee long-lasting shine. Polyester resin shortens drying time and prevents discoloration of the nails.

  • #263 Oriental Blossom
  • #265 Bright Sky
  • #267 Oriental Nectarine
  • #269 Magic Orient

Spray-On Leg Foundation – Eur 19.50

  • #03 Sand
  • #05 Sun Tan
  • #08 Desert Sun

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  1. I really want to try this brand and the packaging of this collection is so pretty. I would wear clothes with this print 🙂

  2. I love love LOVE this collection! Love the inspiration and the overall outcome, the bronzers especially, just recently I discovered how to make bronzers work with my beauty type and ever since I wanna own every bronzing powder or compact I see lol 😀

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