Artdeco – New Mineral Makeup Collection

Artdeco is launching a new collection based on mineral makeup items. You can have a taste of the New Mineral Experience in April 2010 when this collection will be available in the beauty shops.

Until then you can enjoy their Safari Bronzing Collection that was schedule to be launched in March.

Mineral makeup is an essential component in the beauty kit of the modern woman of today.

Beneficial mineral elements like zinc and magnesium help treat especially the sensitive skin. The collection includes a variety of products, from foundation until lipsticks with mineral textures and intense colors. A special surprise of this collection are the new mineral Baked Eyeshadows with numerous pearl pigments and intense colors that make your eyes shine.

If you are interested in this collection keep reading to check out more photos and find out more details about every product.

The collection contains:

Hydra Mineral Compact Foundation – Eur 18.50

The product contains mineral complex that protects the skin with zinc and magnesium from drying out. Vitamin E and rosemary extract protects against negative environmental influences, such as free radicals. In addition, echinacea extract gives moisture, while Tiger grass extract has a firming effect. The Foundation is free of perfume, silicone, talc, wax and oil, and suitable for sensitive skin.

Eyeshadow Base – Eur 7.50

It facilitates the application of eye shadow and prevents it from settling in the eyelid crease. Contains small powder particles that stay on a lot better. The base neutralizes the eyelid color and makes the eyeshadow pop in greater brilliance. Vitamin E protects the delicate eye area, while Bisabolol soothes redness. It’s fragrance free.

NEW: Baked Mineral Eyeshadows – Eur 8.50

Thanks to the special manufacturing process, the colors glow intensely. The unusually high proportion of Pearl pigments adds extra radiance. Its texture contains mineral components such as titanium dioxide, kaolin and silver. Vitamin A, Vitamin E, lecithin and jojoba oil help maintain and protect the delicate skin. These eyeshadows are suitable for all skin types and they are also preservative-free.

Baked Mineral Eyeshadow Applicator – Eur 6.80

This new eyeshadow applicator was specially designed for the application of mineral baked eyeshadows.

Mineral Lip Liner – Eur 5.80

The Mineral Lip liner spoils the delicate lip contours with its mineral complex of zinc, magnesium, calcium and cooper. In addition, vitamin E protects against free radicals and moisture loss.  For every lip color combination you can use the colorless shade No. 01. A built-in sharpener and a practical back-rotation mechanism always guarantees a fine mine.

Mineral Lipstick – Eur 12.80

Enriched with beneficial minerals like zinc and magnesium the Mineral Lipstick leaves a very luxurious feel on the lips. Pigments of mineral origin provide an even, long-lasting color results. Vitamin E protects the delicate lip skin from free radicals and moisture loss. The soft texture similar to optically fine lines and wrinkles and gives a silky, shiny finish. A subtle vanilla scent completes the sensory experience.


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  1. I really have to get this eyeshadow base, I’ve read so many rave reviews about it.

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