Artdeco Spring Summer 2013 Skin Yoga Body Monoi Collection – Official Info & Photos

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Artdeco has recently announced that their Skin Yoga Body Monoi Collection has been enlarged with 2 new products that will become available on the counters later this month.

Inspired by the idea of combining yoga, body and soul harmoniously: the Skin Yoga Body line. With its body care products, Artdeco presents a harmonious combination of high-quality ingredients and an exciting fragrance experience that appeal to all senses. This year the range will be enlarged with a further new body care product: the Dry Oil and the Aromatic Body Lotion with Monoi.



International Launch Date – end March/ beginning April 2013 at Douglas, Muller

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Artdeco Spring 2013 Skin Yoga Body Monoi Collection

Dry Oil with Monoi  – New & Permanent – 100 ml

Nourish, pamper, moisturize and smoothen your skin with Dry Oil. It contains Olive oil, Monoi oil, Almond oil, Macadamia nut oil, Sunflower oil and Hazelnut oil. It absorbs extremely rapidly, without leaving any traces on the skin. Rich in unsaturated fatty acids and Vitamin E, it prevents the skin from srying out, while smoothing it at the same time. Monoi oil envelopes your body in an exotic aroma that pampers the senses.

Aromatic Body Lotion with Monoi – New & Permanent – 150 ml

The Aromatic Body Lotion with Monoi oil from Tahiti envelopes the body in an exotic aroma that pampers the senses. It rapidly softens and smoothens the skin with Coconut oil. The body lotion is a highly effective moisturizer that seals the top layer of the skin, preventing any moisture loss thanks to Glycerin. The lotion has a light, creamy texture and feels deliciously soft on the skin.

Aromatic Shower Foam – Repromote – 200 ml

This luxurious shower foam has a delicately soft texture which cleanses your skin especially gently and softly. It’s rich, seductive formula stops the skin from drying out which pure milk proteins and precious Honey extract nourish the skin with lots of moisture while showering. The balancing, aromatic scent such as orange and cinnamon pamper your senses and has a harmonizing effect on the body and soul.

Moisturizing Shower Foam – Repromote – 200 ml

This refreshing and mild foam cleans gently and leaves a stimulating scent of oranges and a touch of sensual cinnamon. Its milk proteins and Honey extracts noticeably nourish and smooth the skin. It maintains the natural balance of the skin, without dehydrating it. 

Macadamia Body Scrub – Repromote – 200 ml

Exfoliate and moisturize the skin in one easy step, and enjoy a beautiful silky feeling on your skin. The nuts and bolts for smooth, velvety skin, is the correct care. The first step of your beauty program is a body scrub. Thanks to the fine structure of the Bamboo-granules of this nourishing cream scrub, it exfoliates the skin very gently and simultaneously moisturizes with precious macadamia nut and mango extract. Mango extract contains vitamins A, B and C, and many minerals. It supplies the skin effectively with valuable moisture. Due to its excellent skin compatibility, the Macadamia Body Scrub is suitable for dry, sensitive skin. Contains no parabens.

Sun Touch Body Lotion – Repromote – 150 ml

Enjoy a beautiful, healthy bronzed glow without exposing yourself to dangerous UV rays, while moisturizing and pampering your skin. A sensual radiance can be achieved with subtly bronzed, silky shiny skin! The pleasantly scented Sun Touch Body Lotion gives the skin a natural and even tan – without the sun. DHA, a sugar-based tanning agent, provides a very natural and even tan fitting to the skin tone. In addition, Shea butter, vitamin and mineral-rich marine extracts of Caviar and Vitamin E effectively care for the skin. Due to their good compatibility, the Sun Touch Body Lotion is suitable for sensitive skin. 

Hydra Body Lotion with Urea – Repromote – 200 ml

The rich Hydra Body Lotion was developed in particular for the requirements of normal to dry skin. The nourishing Hydra Body Lotion indulges your senses in a delicate aroma and conjures a delightful and supple sensation on your skin. It absorbs rapidly into the skin while leaving it soft and smooth. The ingredients Urea and Glycerin provide deep moisture, protect the skin from dehydrating and strengthen the skin’s natural protective function.

Body Repair Lotion – Repromote – 200 ml

Balm for the skin – help your skin to regenerate and repair itself while supplying it with moisture and care from precious plant extracts.  Particularly dry skin areas such as knees or elbows need special care. The Body Repair Lotion with Aloe Vera has a regenerating effect and can do both: it cares for the body on the whole and also for the problem areas. Rich in premium Shea butter and precious oils, these ingredients are the ultimate “beautifier”, also considered so in the ancient world. The Body Repair Lotion envelopes your body with delicate aromas and instantly revives the skin.

Aromatic Body Cream – Repromote – 200 ml

Create an oasis for the senses! The sensually fragrant, aromatic cream treats dry skin with precious ingredients, nurturing it to make it smooth and soft to the touch. Premium Shea butter, which is extracted from the nut of the Shea tree, is known for its protective, smoothing and skin-caring properties. It makes the skin soft and protects it from drying out. Olive oil obtained from vegetable sqalene leaves a silky smooth feeling and is nourishing. Plant Squalene obtained from Olive oil leaves it feeling silky-soft an cared for and is ideal for dry, sensitive skin. Envelope your senses in a spa atmosphere while nourishing and protecting your skin with a deliciously creamy texture.

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