Artdeco Summer 2013 Chrome Nail Lacquer Collection – Official Info & Photos

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Artdeco has updated their website with the new Summer 2013 Chrome Nail Lacquer Collection which features 12 new nail lacquers with a metallic chrome finish. The lacquers come in versatile shades from green, blue and purple to fuchsia, pink, orange and bronze.


Inspired by the trends of the catwalks ARTDECO presents the new innovative Chrome Nail Lacquer – The nail polish with an ultimative metallic effect. Tiny aluminum particles create a wonderfully metallic chrome effect on the nails.


International Launch Date – June 2013 at Douglas perfumeries

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Artdeco Summer 2013 Chrome Nail Lacquer Collection

Chrome Nail Lacquer – New & Permanent – €7.50

Create an mirror effect on your nails in beautiful, vibrant, chrome colors. The Chrome Nail Lacquer in twelve metallic reflecting tend colors create with its shiny, mirror-like texture an very particular effect that matches any occasion. The Chrome Nail Lacquer contains tiny aluminum particles that create a wonderfully smooth and metallic chrome effect on the nails.

  • #02 Metallic Ivory
  • #04 Metallic Silver
  • #06 Metallic Gold
  • #08 Metallic Peach
  • #10 Metallic Dark Rose
  • #12 Metallic Fuchsia
  • #14 Metallic Lavender
  • #16 Metallic Purple
  • #18 Metallic Ice Blue
  • #20 Metallic Grey-Blue
  • #22 Metallic Green
  • #24 Metallic Mojito

Transparent Base Coat – €7.50

This transparent base coat is fast drying and protects the nail. It is the ideal base for subsequent application of a colored lacquer. It protects the nail from discoloration from colored pigments and facilitates the application of a colored lacquer.

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