Sunglasses a must of the season

You Must have U simply Must have! This summer behind supra dimensional hat, are hiding sunglasses, a must have so you can keep up with the latest fashion. Sunglasses are the first of all your shadow’s eyes. They protect your face and in the time protect the sensitive area around your eyes from the noxious effects of the sun. Continue Reading

War between Clint Eastwood and Spike Lee

Seems that Clint Eastwood and Spike Lee disagree on some mather of the race, which has become a war of words between them. Spike Lee, nominated for Best Writing, Screenplay Written Directly for the Screen for ‘Do the right thing’, criticised Clint for ‘Letters from Iwo Jima’ and ‘Flags of our Fathers’ movies for neglecting black soldiers. In spite of being a great director, Clint seems to have taken the remark from Lee very serious and appears to be very angry and irritated when he replied “he should shut his face”. Continue Reading

What you have to do every night…

In these days the mornings are sow agitated, everyone hurrying to work and having a busy life. The evenings are perfect for relaxing treatments to take off all the stress you accumulated during the day. Continue Reading

Hair maintenance

When you hair is thin, i recommend washing then let it dry without the fohn, before you get into bed. Using the fohn to dry your hair, may be the cause for thin hair. Electrified hair makes you nervous? After shower apply a leave-in conditioner, like Smooth&Silky from Pantene Pro-V.

Give yourself a mini capillary massage! Anyway you couldn’t make a super massage like a professional. But even so, a capillary massage improves sanguine circulation on your roots. This micro-circulation sanguine helps the hair to get his nourish ingredients overnight.

Continue Reading

Hottest tendencies of the season

Pastel tones, daring lip stick, tanned skin or sparkling eyelashes – what’s your choice?

Trend no 1: Chocolate skin. Would you like a sexy complexion like Jennifer Lopez? Tanned skin will always make a sensation in the warm season, and not only. Tanned, you look younger, so my advice is do no let glowing make- up miss from your purse. Modern make-ups from YSL presentations and Stella Mc Cartney sustain the same thing: tanned complexion is en vogue! Continue Reading

Wake-up in a sexy body!

Imagine that you could have a perfect skin and sexy curls just seconds after you woke up in the morning. How would it be? Come on, those are only dreams, but the sleep it’s essential for a super look from head to toes. Your body heals better in the night, and you could say that he’s doing it by itself, says doctor David J. Leffell also the author of the book Total Skin. So you can become very beautiful overnight only following three simple steps. Continue Reading

Girls Aloud are breaking up!

Unfortunately seems that another girl band is going to break up. This time we are talking about the fourth singer of the band Girls Aloud, the blonde Sarah Harding. She has another projects and she definitely wants to go solo.

Lately Sarah has been working with nu-ravers Filthy Dukes for the soundtrack of the film ‘Wild Child, project that might be a real success for the blonde singer. The album which appear to be a cool one, has big names on it, like Rihanna, Robbie Williams and Nelly Furtado. Continue Reading

Crazy tricks magic look

You might have heard it before: “OK, sounds weird, but…” and the next thing its a unusual tip about how to get ride of a nipple or how to arrange you rebel hair. For sure, you will think that i must be crazy to write about this crazy tricks but trust me when i tell you that I’ve tried some of them on my own and they’ve been tested even by beauty experts and beauty addicts of every age. I’ll present you some real treasures for “emergency situations”. Continue Reading

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