BeYu Be Eye-Catching Summer 2016 Collection

Hello beauties!

A late summer 2016 launch brings to our attention BeYu Be-Eye Catching Collection which features six new and limited edition funky mascara shades.


Summer, sun, sunshine and lots and lots of color. This is the slogan for summer 2016! The days grow longer and the nights become shorter, the scent of summer dances in the air and night becomes day. Then there are those extra-special, eye-catcher moments.

Inspired by trend scouts and high-fashion magazines, BeYu is launching the Be Eye-Catching fashion collection this summer. The six statement mascara colors, which are applied to the tips of the lashes, transform every woman into a real eye-catcher. Try a little color!


International Launch Date – August 2016 at Douglas

BeYu Be Eye-Catching Summer 2016 Collection

BeYu Color Play Lash Mascara – New & Limited Edition – €7.99

Even after first application, the intensely coloured texture creates head-turning tones. The brush guarantees an even application for optimal precision. The fragrance-free texture leaves lashes looking longer and more voluminous. Carnauba wax nourishes the eyelashes and keeps them supple and flexible. The Color Play System can be used with all other BeYu mascaras.


  • 03 Go White
  • 06 Think Pink
  • 09 Lilac Poison
  • 12 Into The Blue
  • 16 In Paradise
  • 20 Evergreen

Unlimited Lashes Mascara – €12.95

The fragrance-free Unlimited Lashes Mascara conjures voluminous, never-ending, seductive and perfectly separated lashes. With the innovative silicone brush, each lash is coated individually without clumping. In just a few seconds, the lashes look more voluminous and flaunt a fan-like appearance. The eyes are widened. The combination of natural and synthetic waxes keeps lashes supple.

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Beyu-Be-Eye-Catching-Summer-2016-Collection-1 Beyu-Be-Eye-Catching-Summer-2016-Collection-2

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