BeYu Lash Expert Volume & Curl Mascara for Winter 2012 – Info & Photos

Hello gorgeous ladies!

BeYu will launch a new product – Lash Expert Volume & Curl Mascara –  just in time for holidays so you can have beautiful, long sweeping lashes. It’s true that BeYu Christmas 2012 Illuminating Nights Collection (official info & photos) was missing a mascara so the new Lash Expert Volume & Curl can complete the new collection.

Fantastically beautiful, long, sweeping lashes are what every woman wants. With Lash Expert Volume & Curl Mascara from BeYu, it’s easy to make this dream come true. This mascara provides the perfect balance between intensive volume, irresistible length and a breath-taking curve – making it a real expert in complete lashes.


International Launch Date – November 2012 at Douglas perfumeries, Muller

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BeYu Expert Voume & Curl Mascara – Permanent – €10.95

  • #01 Cobalt Blue

The mascara is easy to apply, and slides weightlessly along the lashes without stickiness. Natural wax obtained from rice bran repairs and cares for lashes.

What makes the mascara special is its brush: Made in the shape of a perfectly formed fan of lashes, it creates an ideal balance between volume and length. With just one sweep, the brush not only adds volume to lashes, but also perfectly separates and curls: areas where it holds and applies plenty of mascara alternate with sections of longer brush hairs that are responsible for separating the lashes. On the ends of the bristles, there are tiny spheres that distribute the mascara superbly to enhance the effect. This fragrance-free mascara is ideal for sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers.

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