BeYu Star Gloss and Diva Lash Mascara – New Makeup for Spring 2010

BeYu is preparing a new makeup for this spring and introduces the new Star Gloss and Diva Lash Mascara.

The new beauty tools of the 2010 Spring have comfortable textures and highly effective ingredients to make your eyelashes longer and your lips fuller.

The new products will be available exclusively from March 2010 at Douglas.

Star Gloss – € 8.50

The new Star Gloss has a velvety texture and contains Sesame and Neem oil that will maintain and regenerate the delicate skin of your lips. It also contains Vitamin E that protects against free radicals. For this spring BeYu is introducing 4 new colors.

Lash Energizer – € 12.80

Lash Energizer will give you breathtaking lashes. The transparent gel contains multiactive complex which nourishes the lashes, strengthens and supports their growth. If you are using it daily after one month you will notice an increased growth of your eyelashes. The lash energizer is free of mineral oil, lanolin and perfume.

Apply it every evening after cleansing or during the day before you apply your mascara.

Diva Lash Mascara – € 12.80

Diva Lash Mascara gives a perfect lash styling thanks to its special technology and the brush density. Repeated applications intensifies the volume effect. It’s available in 4 colors: blue, black, green and brown.

Have you had any experience with BeYu products? I know I have 2 nail polishes from them in pink and black shades and they were pretty resistant and easy to apply. I also have one mono eyeshadow and I’m pretty pleased with it. I haven’t tried any of their lip products yet but I’m really curious about their new glosses. 🙂


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