BeYu Summer 2013 Power Volume Mascara Waterproof – Info & Photos

Hello pretties!

This summer, BeYu launches the new Power Volume Waterproof Mascara as an absolutely essential accesory for seductive lash styling for every woman.


Thanks to its intelligent brush shape, Power Volume Mascara waterproof can be applied in just the right quantity: The flat sides of the brush act as a storage reservoir, allowing color to be applied richly and intensively. The long bristles are ideal for distributing the mascara right to the tips of the lashes.


International Launch Date – June 2013 at Douglas perfumeries

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Every single lash is given more length and definition, guaranteeing an increased volume effect and wonderful expressive power. Candelilla, carnauba and bees’ wax make lashes soft and supple. Fragrance-free Power Volume Mascara waterproof  is available in turquoise packaging.



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