Blog Sale Romania Exclusive (Over 100 Products)

Hello beauties!

I have to admit that I never hosted a blog sale even though I’ve been blogging for 7 years. Today I’m inviting you to take part at my first BLOG SALE which is unfortunately Romania Exclusive so I want to apologize in advance to all my international visitors. I would loved to be able to host an international blog sale, like I do with my Giveaways but because of the shipping costs and problems at the custom office with accepting nail polishes, perfumes and other beauty products I decided to make it only for Romanian visitors.


Most of the products you’ll seen bellow are brand new as I never got the chance to test them when I bought them or received them and if the moment passed I decided to not unseal them so they can be preserved better. Other products that I bought or were sent to me for consideration were swatched or used one or two times just for review purposes.

The most common question I’ve seen visitors asking on almost every blog sale is “Why are you selling all these beauty products?” so here are some of my answers:

  • Is not the right shade for me (doesn’t suit my complexion or my skin tone)
  • I don’t particularly like that shade
  • I already have this product so it’s a double that I’m selling
  • The product is not for my type of skin so I don’t want to test it
  • The product is not right for me but it could be for someone else (different preference in color/ scent, type of skin, complexion, etc)
  • I didn’t have time to test it when it was a brand new launched product so at this point are many reviews available on other beauty blogs.
  • I’m currently testing other products so I don’t want to open up these ones

Shipping Costs: If you are living in Bucharest like I do, I can personally deliver you the products otherwise I will sent you the package via Romanian Postal Office (3-5 Lei shipping cost). For more details you can write me in the comments bellow, via Facebook or e-mail at tavia[@]chicprofile[.]com

Let’s begin!


Shiseido Radiant Lifting Foundation SPF 15 (150 Lei – New) (Shade – O00)

Illamasqua Forbidden Matte Lip Liquid (75 Lei) (Used 1 time)

Illamasqua Exotic Matte Lip Liquid (75 Lei) (Used 1 time)


Eylure London False Lashes (35 Lei) (New)


La La Lashes (15 Lei) (New)


Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion + (125 ml) – 100 Lei

L’Occitane Shower Gel (75 ml) (New) – 7 Lei


Oriflame Protecting Lip Balm (New) – 5 Lei

Oriflame Tender Care Lip Balm (New) – 5 Lei

The One Mascara (New) – 10 Lei

The One Black Eye Pencil (New) – 10 Lei


Max Factor Flipstick – 20 Lei

No.1 (New)

No.2 (Swatched 1 time)

No.3 (Swatched 1 time)

No.4 (New)


Gerocossen Makeup Remover + Face Cream (All Skin Types) (New) – 15 Lei

Gerovital Sun – 5 Lei


Lancome Tresor Eau de Parfum 100 ml (200 Lei) (used 1 time)

Lancome Tresor Lumineuse Eau de Parfum 100 ml (200 Lei) (used 2-3 times)


Estee Lauder Pure Color Eyeshadow Palette (40 Lei) (Swatched 1 time)

Estee Lauder 01 Blackened Black Pure Color Intense Kajal Eyeliner (25 Lei) (New)


Inglot False Lash Effect Mascara (40 Lei) (New- never opened)

Inglot #68 Pure Pigment Eyeshadow (35 Lei) (Used 1 time)

Inglot #368 Matte Eyeshadow (17 Lei) (Used 1 time)


Elmiplant Seametry Anti Aging Face Cream (50 ml) + Anti Aging Eye Serum (15) – (20 Lei) (New)


I Love Blueberry & Smoothie Body Lotion (20 Lei) (New)

I Love Vanilla & Ice Cream Exfoliating Shower Gel (15 Lei) (New)


Parisax Les Gourmandises Set contains 6 lip color and 6 cream eyeeshadows (35 Lei) (Used 1 time)


Max Factor Lasting Performance Foundation (105 Soft Beige) + Creme Puff #05 Powder – (35 Lei) (New)

Max Factor Facefinity Primer SPF 20 (35 Lei) (Used 1 time)

Max Factor Facefinity All Day Flawless Foundation SPF20 #45 WarmAlmond (30 Lei) (Used 2 times) (Price in Store 55 Lei)

Max Factor Xperience Weightless Foundation #45 Raw Silk SPF 10Β  (25 Lei) (New)

Max Factor CC Cream SPF 10 #60 Medium (30 Lei) (Used 2 times) (Price in Store 55 Lei)


Max Factor Flipstick Colour Effect (Double Lipstick) (20 Lei a piece) (Used 1 time) (Price in the Store 46 Lei)

Max Factor Xperience Sheer Gloss Balm SPF 10 #08 Pink Opal (10 Lei) (New)

Max Factor Lipfinity 24h Resistant + Lip Balm (15 Lei) (Tested 1 time) (Price in the Store 45 Lei)


Max Factor CC Corrects Under Eye Circles (25 Lei) (Used 1 time) (Original Price is 54 Lei)

Max Factor Wild Shadow Pencil in Fierce Lime (15 Lei) (Used 2 times) (Price on line 35 Lei)

Max Factor Wild Shadow Pots in #30 Turquoise Fury (10 Lei) (Used 1 time) (Price on line 26 Lei)

Max Factor Trio Eyeshadow #05 Sweet Pink (15 Lei) (Used 2 times)


Max Factor Excess Volume Extreme Impact Mascara (35 Lei) (Used 1 time) (Price online 61 Lei)

Max Factor 2000 Calorie Volume & Curl (17 Lei) (New)

Max Factor 2000 Calorie Dramatic Volume (17 Lei) (New)

Max Factor False Lash Effect ( 30 Lei) (Tried 1 time) (Price in store 55 Lei)


Max Factor Mini Nail Polish (5 Lei each) (Green, Purple, Blue, Pink, Orange)

Max Factor Glossfinity Nail Polish (10 Lei each) (Flushed Rose, Gold, Cute Coral)


Beauties Factory Eyeshadow Palette (88 Shades) (New) (35 Lei)


Coastal Scents 88 Metal Mania Palette (35 Lei) (some shades were swatched 1 time, other are brand new)


Catrice Concealer Palette (15 Lei) (New)

Catrice Eyeshadow (10 Lei) (New)

Catrice Brown Eye Pencil/ Brow Pencil (10 Lei) (New)


Hello Kitty Eyeshadow Palette (15 Lei) (New)

H&M Eyeshadow Palette (15 Lei) (Swatched 1 time)

Crazy Mono Eyeshadow (5 Lei) (Used 2-3 times)

Beyu Pink Mono Eyeshadow (5 Lei) (New)

Teddy Bear Purple Eyeshadow + Lip Gloss (Mirror included) (5 Lei)

Maybelline Eyeshadow Palette (15 Lei) (New)

Japan Eyeshadow Pink Palette (7 Lei) (Used 2-3 times)


China Glaze Nail Polish (7 Lei for each bottle) (Names From left to right)

1. China Glaze Shocking Pink

2. China Glaze Pure Joy

3. China Glaze Spontaneous

4. China Glaze Glistening Snow

5. China Glaze Beauty Within


Clinique CC Cream Light/ Medium 40 ml (60 Lei) (Used 2 times) (Price in storeΒ  120 lei)

Lycogel Breathable Camouflage Foundation (100 Lei) (Price in store 250 Lei) (Used 1 time)

Flormar BB Cream #03 Dark Medium (10 Lei) (New)


Essence Lip Gloss (5 Lei each) (New)

1.Volume & Gloss (New)

2. XXXL Pink (New)

3. Sun Club SPF6 Beautiful Bronze (New)

4. XXXL Shine Pick Me Up (New)

5. XXXL Shine Glamour to Go (New)

6. Into the Wild Beat the Heat (New)

7. Into the Wild 40 Degree (New)

Essence Lipstick (5 lei each) (Sparkling Angel(New) Frosted, Glam Girl (Used 1 time)

Essence I love Punk Jumbo Eyeliner Pen (5 Lei) (New)


Gerocossen Argan Bio Face Cream SPF 10 (10 Lei) (All Skin Types) (New)

Gerocossen Face, Lips, Eyes Makeup Remover (5 Lei) (New)


Nivea Creme 75 ml (5 Lei) (New)

Gerovital Derma+ Cleansing and Makeup Removal Face & Eyes (10 Lei for 200 ml) (New)


Jordana Nail Polish (5 Lei) (Used 1 time)

Jordana Black Eye Pencil (5 Lei) (New)

Jordana Lip Glosses (5 Lei each)


Manhattan Eyeshadow Palette (15 Lei) (Used 1 time)

Manhattan Nail Polishes (7 Lei Each) (Used 1 time)

Manhattan Matte Lip Gloss (10 Lei) (Used 1 time)

Oriflame-Products Oriflame Hand Cream 100 ml (5 Lei) (New)

Oriflame Milk & Honey Hand & Body Cream (15 Lei) (New)


Orly Mini Nail Polishes (7 Lei each) (Used 1 time)

First Row: Lemonade, Fancy Fuchsia, Glitz & Glamour

Second Row: Star Spangled, Shine, Beach Cruiser, Meet Me under the Mistletoe


Rouge Bunny Rouge Pink Pigment (Used 1 time) (40 Lei) (Price online 100Β  lei)

Rouge Bunny Rouge Quartz Eyeliner (50 Lei) (Used 2 times) (Price online 120 lei)

The Body Shop Lip Gloss (5 Lei) (New)

L’Oreal Professional Loose Powder (30 Lei) (New)


The One Mascara (10 Lei) (New)

Senna 2-in-1 Lipstick & Lipgloss (35 Lei) (Used 1 time)

H&M Lipgloss (5 Lei each) (New) (Light Pink, Aruba, Hot Pink)

Make Up Factory Satin Pink Color Flash Lip Tint (25 Lei) (Used 2 times) (Price in store 60 lei)

Khroma Beauty Au Naturel Lipstick & Lip Liner (25 Lei) (Used 2 times) (Price online 23 Eur)

Radiant Waterproof Lip Liner (5 Lei) (Used 1 time)


Yves Rocher Cocoa & Raspberry Hand Cream (5 Lei) (Used 2-3 times)

Yves Rocher Cocoa & Raspberry Body Lotion (10 Lei) (Used 1 time)


Zoya Nail Polish (7 Lei)

Ciate Nail Polish (7 Lei)

Artdeco Nail Polish (7 Lei)

Nicole by OPI Nail Polish (7 Lei)


Essence All About Eyes Eyesahdow Palette (17 Lei) (Only 1 shade swatches, other are new)

Essence All About Matte Powder (5 Lei) (New)

Essence 3D Eyeshadow (5 Lei) (New)

Essence Ice Ice Baby Eyeshadow (5 Lei) (Swatched 1 time – it was Limited Edition)

Essence Kalinka Beauty Eyeshadow (5 Lei) (Swatched 1 time)

Essence Kalinka Beauty Duo Lip Cream (5 Lei) (Used 1 time)

Essence Smokey Eyes Set (7 Lei) (Used 1 time)

Essence Into The Wild Eyeshadow Duo (7 Lei) (New)


Essence Like a Million Miles Away Eau de Toilette (10 Lei) (New)

Essence Like a Day in Paradise Eau de Toilette (10 Lei) (New)

Essence Nail Polish Twilight (5 Lei) (Used 1 time) (Blue, Black)

Essence Nail Polish (3 Lei) (Used 1 time)

You can check out REVIEWS of the products I tested or used 1-2 times on my blog. If you want a close-up photo or more details about a certain product please let me know by commenting bellow. Thank you!


  1. Buna.
    Ma intereseaza oja Zoya si China Glaze -lila. Si te rog sa imi spui denumirile lor si ale celorlalte 2 oje CG de culoare roz. Mersi P.S ne putem vedea in Bucuresti

    • Zoya e sold. China Glaze prima este rezervata si ultima este Beauty Within, un roz intens

    • Hi lovely! For the time being I’m am. I’ve been living in different countries over the years and that’s why I write about so many makeup brands that are exclusive only to some countries πŸ™‚ I hope to be moving this year to UK.

  2. The products look lovely – I haven’t ever seen that Estee Lauder Pure Colour eye shadow palette like that before. Are you sure you want to sell it? It contains fabulous shades. Is the quality as good as their older versions? Anyway, good luck with your sale.

    • I’m sure I want to sell it πŸ™‚ It was a special limited edition from a while back. I even posted a preview about it. I got it from UK πŸ™‚

  3. Buna dimineata. Are si trezitul de dimineata avantajul lui. Cum ar fi ca iti vad postarea repede πŸ™‚ So, eu vreau tare mult:
    Lancome Tresor Lumineuse Eau de Parfum 100 ml (200 Lei) (used 2-3 times)
    Estee Lauder Pure Color Eyeshadow Palette (40 Lei) (Swatched 1 time)
    Estee Lauder 01 Blackened Black Pure Color Intense Kajal Eyeliner (25 Lei) (New)
    Inglot #68 Pure Pigment Eyeshadow (35 Lei) (Used 1 time)
    Inglot #368 Matte Eyeshadow (17 Lei) (Used 1 time)
    Clinique CC Cream Light/ Medium 40 ml (60 Lei) (Used 2 times) (Price in store 120 lei)
    Catrice Concealer Palette (15 Lei) (New)
    Rouge Bunny Rouge Quartz Eyeliner (50 Lei) (Used 2 times) (Price online 120 lei)
    Cam asta ar fi πŸ™‚ Sa ai o zi frumoasa!

  4. Hello,

    I want:
    Catrice Concealer Palette (15 Lei) (New)
    The One Mascara (10 Lei) (New)
    I’m from Bucharest so we can meet this weekend.


    • Hi Daniela! We can definitely meet this weekend. Please write me on FB or via e-mail and give me your phone number. πŸ™‚

      • Sorry, I will not be able to fulfill the order so I drop it. Thank you for your understanding!

        • Somebody else already bought them since you weren’t able to confirm.

    • Leave me a comment telling me what you want or write me an e-mail or write me on Facebook πŸ™‚

  5. M-ar interesa si pe mine Max Factor 2000 Calorie Volume & Curl (17 Lei) (New), daca il mai ai.Este black?

    • si asta :Gerocossen Face, Lips, Eyes Makeup Remover (5 Lei) (New)

  6. Max Factor Xperience Sheer Gloss Balm SPF 10 Radiant Waterproof Lip Liner (5 Lei) Astea m-ar interesa ! πŸ˜€

    • Buna! Lasa-mi te rog un msg pe FB sau pe mail si da-mi adresa ta. πŸ™‚

    • Buna! Toate sunt disponibile inca, te rog da-mi un mail sau msg pe Facebook πŸ™‚

    • Hi Iulia! Send me a msg on FB with your address or phone number or via e-mail. Thanks!

  7. Buna..m-ar interesa uleiul/gelul de dus de la Loccitane..multumesc

    • Buna! Lasa-mi un msg pe FB, pentru ca il mai voia cineva, tocmai ce m-a contactat. πŸ™‚

  8. Very big set of cosmetics, but I so understand it good cosmetics and costs the money, from China ordered cosmetics? speak good there.
    I am learning so much helpful information from you! Be well:))
    Thanks for the great info!

    • Buna! Este in desfasurare de o luna deja. Poti sa-mi scrii msg pe FB pt ca nu am mai stat sa pun poze pe blog. πŸ™‚

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