Butterfly makeup by Bourjois

Since Bourjois has launched the Butterfly effect this year, I wanted to try out this makeup. Blue is not among my favorites eyeshadow colors but this look reinvents blue into a new ultra modern version. Being a green eyes girl I tend not to use blue or green eyeshadows.


Found in intense shades of purple, blue is at the same time  representative  of elegance and rock ‘n’ roll. In combination with shade of rose petals, takes over the electrical reflexes as vibrant as butterfly wings.

Eyes: a dark purple makeup resembling an electric blue due to the eye pencil and outlined by a black Kohl  with blue reflexes.

Eyelashes: covered with a black rock ‘n’ roll mascara.

A fresh an healthy complexion.

A fresh sensation of the lips,translucent shades of colors, bright light and soft.

Electrical nails, but elegant.

Burjois-Butterfly-makeup Burjois products that intensifies the blue:

Eyeshadow: Little round pot – 1 shade – 12 Bleu magnetique

Kohl et Contour – 1 shade – 19 Bleu surprenant

Effect 3D – 1 shade – 46 Rose Lyric

So laque ultra shine 3 shades – 31 Bleu violet, 32 Bleu mystérieux, 28 Rose lounge

Eyeshadow:  Little round pot 1 shade – 34 Rose Tentation

Crayon Regard effet duochrome 1 shade – 58 Noir bleuté

Volume glamour Mascara 1shade – 06 Noir Ebène

Little round pot – blush 1 shade – 54 Rose frisson


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