Dolce & Gabbana Perfect Mono Intense Cream Eye Color for Fall 2014

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Dolce Gabbana launched Perfect Mono Intense Cream Eye Color, its first ever cream eyeshadow collection featuring 8 matte and 6 pearl shades. All the new shades promise a 12 hours of wear as the formula contains oils, silicone and silk elastomers that allow a precise application.


With her expressive, playful eyes, Scarlett Johansson is the face of Perfect Mono. For the advertising campaign, she is dressed in a polka dot dress and transformed into a modern day Marilyn Monroe. Shooting her simply against a black background, photographers Mert&Marcus ensure Scarlett’s eyes are the protagonists of the campaign.


U.S. Launch Date – August 2014 at Saks Fifth Avenue and now

UK Launch Date – 19 August 2014 at Harrods and online Continue Reading

Inglot Savannah Sunset Summer 2014 Collection Lion King

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Inglot Savannah Sunset Summer 2014 Collection is inspired by the Broadway musical The Lion King and includes  face, eyes, lips and nail products in bronze, gold, brown and orange shades. I’m just loving the combination of colors as they seem perfect to create a sunset inspired makeup look or a fresh and colorful one for a perfect summer day. This collection is one of the many limited edition makeup collections that will be launched by Inglot USA as they announced working with several other Broadway productions.



U.S. Launch Date – 15 July 2014

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China Glaze Twinkle Holiday 2014 Collection Swatches

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Too early I know, but I can’t help giving you a quick peek at China Glaze Twinkle Holiday 2014 Collection. Some beauty bloggers had the privilege of swatching all the 12 new nail colors of this collection and Krystal from PolishGalore is one of the lucky ones. Thanks to her photos we can all enjoy her swatches and have a first look at this collection. I’m already use to seeing different finishes in the holiday collection and this year China Glaze makes no exception as there will be glitters, metallics and cremes, so everyone can easily choose their favorite formula.



U.S. Launch Date – October 2014

International Launch Date – November 2014 Continue Reading

China Glaze Apocalypse Halloween 2014 Collection Swatches

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For the Halloween holiday this year China Glaze launches Apocalypse Collection which features 6 new nail glitters and glitter top coats. As for those interested in the Ghoulish Glow nail color, this will be repromoted in this collection. Thanks to Krystal from Polishgalore we can have more than just a first look at the new China Glaze Apocalypse Collection as she posted swatches of each color. Check out her blog for more swatches of the upcoming China Glaze 2014 collections.



U.S. Launch Date – October 2014 at Sally, ULTA and online,

International Launch Date – October 2014 Continue Reading

China Glaze The Giver Collection for Fall 2014

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China Glaze The Giver Collection (preview) for fall 2014 features 12 new nail colors inspired by the by the powerful themes and message of the story The Giver. The nail polish collection has been announced more than a month ago when I posted a quick sneak peek article but not it’s time to take a closer look at the colors. The movie will run in theaters starting 15 August so before that you will have time to choose your favorite Giver nail polish.



U.S. Launch Date – 1 August 2014 at Sally, ULTA and online Continue Reading

MAC Mineralize Lips Summer 2014 Collection

Hello beauties!

MAC Cosmetics just released its new Mineralize Lips Collection featuring 11 shades of Mineralize Rich Lipstick and 5 shades of Mineralize Glass. Some of Mineralize Rich Lipsticks are repromotes while they all are available in limited edition. I shall post swatches for some of these colors later on so if you like how they look then get them while they are still on the counters.


The ultimate in luxurious lip formulas. Mineralize Rich Lipstick and Mineralize Glass are infused with our nourishing 77-Mineral Moisture Complex to provide lush, lasting hydration. Available in 11 new, modern shades from Dreamdaze to Boutique Pink and Tropical Buzz. Extended shades of Mineralize Lipglass envelop lips with plush, pearlescent shine in bright, creamy pinks, subtle nudes and luscious coral.


U.S. Launch Date – Now at MAC Stores and online Continue Reading

Jill Stuart Crystal Bloom for Fall 2014

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If you follow my blog daily you already know about the upcoming Jill Stuart Crystal Bloom fragrance (sneak peek photos) launching at the beginning of fall. Today I’m back to remind you of this launch, which in my opinion is one of the cutest and most feminine scents for fall.


The gap that lies between a girl and a woman. That single moment, so dazzlingly beautiful in its transience. Times that are impossible innocent and pure, yet carrying strength and complexity deep inside. This miraculous instant, that cannot simply exist on a simple side of the boundary is infinitely translucent, unendingly lovely. Sure this is one ideal that all women eternally pursue for.

To take that instant of beauty and turn it into fragrance. To create a  fragrance that allows one’s moment to last forever. “The most translucent, lovely fragrance in the world”. Such a dream of Jill Stuart’s finally come true.

A flurry of flowers now offer up their color and fragrance, as though blessing all women. To make that one, indescribably beautiful moment last for eternity. Sweet Pea, Snowdrop, Edelweiss and Fragrant Olive… Like a shower of flower petals.


Japan Launch Date – 5 September 2014

International Launch Date – September 2014 Continue Reading

YSL La Vernithèque Collection for Fall 2014

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Those of you who are traveling by plane this season, escaping the crowded cities and enjoying a well deserved summer vacation, will get to see the new YSL La Vernithèque Collection. This new beauty collection is available in a very limited edition as only 150 pieces have been released so it could be definitely called a beauty collector’s item.



International Launch Date – Now at duty-free stores in a few selected airports. Continue Reading