MAC Selena Fall 2016 Collection First Look

Hello beauties!

Announced since last year, only now we get to have a first look at the first product from the upcoming MAC Selena Fall 2016 Collection. I’m so interested in the products from this collection, as I expect them to be in vibrant, seductive shades. I remember seeing the movie where Jennifer Lopez plays the part of Selena Quintanilla and how emotional I was, even afterwards when I listen to her songs. So many years have gone since she passed away but her fans haven’t forgotten her for a second so they will definitely be one of kind makeup collection.



U.S. Launch Date – 16 October 2016 Continue Reading

Tom Ford Soleil Blanc 2016 Summer

Hello cuties!

The new fragrance Tom Ford Soleil Blanc comes to complete the recent release of Tom Ford Soleil Summer 2016 Beauty Collection (info, photos). This new private blend with hot summery accords makes my nose so curious to sniff it. I’m in love with Tom Ford perfumes and I remember buying my first favorite Tom Ford Black Orchid about six years ago and being constantly mesmerized by its seductive scent.



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Bobbi Brown Beach Nudes Summer 2016 Collection

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Bobbi Brown launches quite a few new products for summer 2016 and even though we discussed previously about the bronzing powders and long-wear eye products, now I’m back with the Bobbi Brown Beach Nudes collection.



International Launch Date – May 2016 Continue Reading

Guerlain Terracotta Summer 2016 Collection

Hello beauties!

Here is a first look at the upcoming Guerlain Terracotta Summer 2016 Collection to quench our thirst for details regarding upcoming Terracotta bronzers. Until more info will become available I invite you to take a first look at Guerlain Terracotta 2016 promo photos and enjoy the new and limited edition collection inspired by the Mediterranean resort of Saint-Tropez and Portofino.



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My Chic & Flawless Pick’n Dazzle Beauty Box is Available Now

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A few weeks ago I attended a Pick’n Dazzle event where I was invited to create my own Beauty Box. I’m super excited today to show you my Chic & Flawless Beauty Box which will is already available for a limited time only. The products were personally chosen by me, from the multitude of beauty items and it was a hard decision to decide because there were so many new brands to me and at the same time I wanted to have a complete Beauty Box. I wished for the perfect well balanced beauty box which will contain skincare, makeup and fragrance and I truly picked from the brands that I’ve never tested before so it was an entire new experience for me as well. Here is what it looks like!


Where to buy

Now online for a Limited Time Only with a 510.00 Lei Value for the Price of 259.00 Lei

I will reveal to you a few details about each product, some of them I’ve been using for about two weeks now, while for others I will be able to post full reviews within a month or so and here I’m talking about skincare.


For my Pick’n Dazzle Chic & Flawless beauty box I picked three skincare products, one perfume and two makeup products. The brands are quite new on the market, bright young promising brands like Kueshi, Teeez Cosmetics and Roland V. Continue Reading

Guerlain My Super Tips 2016 Collection

Hello beauties!

About two weeks ago I announced on Chicprofile Facebook profile that I will return with news about upcoming Guerlain summer 2016 launches. One of the launches that I’m most excited about is Guerlain My Super Tips Collection which is available now in France but will hit international counters next month. Why I’m super excited about this new skincare collection? Because each product comes at a very affordable price while still keeping the amazing effects and quality of Guerlain skincare, but also because we are talking about five skincare products meant to give you immediate visible effects. My favorites so far and the ones that I’ll definitely be purchasing are Midnight Secret and Stop Spot.


I’m usually blogging during nighttime and I lack sleep so a product just like Guerlain Midnight Secret seems to be created just for me. Considering the prices in Romania will retail for under 200 Lei for each product I think they are really affordable considering you will get the full treat and quality of Guerlain products. Follow me after the jump for more details!


France Launch Date – Now at Guerlain counters and online

Romania Launch Date – May 2016 at Douglas, Sephora

International Launch Date – May 2016 Continue Reading

Kinetics Rio Rio Summer 2016 Collection

Hello beauties!

Be enchanted by a colorful journey to Rio with the new Kinetics Rio Rio Summer 2016 Collection. Revealing 12 new nail polishes in the new Kinetics Solar Gel formula, this collection has really captured my attention with its fun and playful colors. I’m like always more attracted by the combination of pink and purples but if you are into brights and vibrant shade there’s plenty to choose from as well. Just take a closer look after the jump!



International Launch Date – Now at and Local Distributors Continue Reading

Giorgio Armani Lip Maestro Drama Summer 2016 Collection

Hello pretties!

I’ve always been hooked on Giorgio Armani lip products, from their intense or sheer sparkling colors to their stylish and modern packaging. This season Giorgio Armani announced the launch of the new Lip Maestro Drama 2016 Collection which will feature 6 new shades.


I don’t have too much info at the moment about the name of the shades or a release date, but I thought you’ll want to take a first look at the Armani Lip Maestro Drama 2016 shades until more information becomes available. Continue Reading