Too Faced Spring 2017 Sweet Peach Collection

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OMG, the collection we’ve been waiting for is almost here! I couldn’t be more excited about Too Faced Spring 2017 Sweet Peach Collection launching this month as I gave you a first look at these precious, peachy scented makeup items since summer. Too Faced has been teasing us over the past few months with sneak peek photos and previews of what’s to come for spring 2017 and announced their famous Sweet Peach Eyeshadow Palette to be part of this collection.



U.S. Launch Date – 14 December 2016 | 15 December 2016 online at other retailers (ULTA, Sephora) | 26 December – In Stores (Eye Palette) | 5 January 2017 In Stores (the entire collection)

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MustaeV Pleasure Mask Review

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MustaeV is a Korean brand that I hold dear to my heart and I bet you saw me mentioning their wonderful products many times in my reviews or beauty looks. This year they decided to expand their range of products and move on the skincare section actually, which got me super excited, knowing how famous and super quality Asian skincare products are. A few months ago MustaeV introduced four Sheet Face Masks that should be applied according to your mood. I had to admit I was surprised by the idea of trying out a face mask according to your mood and I actually got curious to see how they perform. So after a late night party on the previous day I knew I would start my day with MustaeV Moisture-Lifting Pleasure Mask. I told you guys my first impressions that day on Instagram when I first posted about the MustaeV Pleasure Sheet Mask and ever since I was longing for a couple more of this one, especially since December is party month for me with my birthday coming up and holiday season.


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MustaeV Moisture-Lifting Pleasure Mask ($3.00 for 33 ml / 1.115 fl oz) is an energizing sheet mask packed with nourishing ingredients. This sheet face mask is ideal to use whenever you feel your skin dehydrated, dry and fatigue or you are noticing a loss of elasticity. Continue Reading

BeYu Holiday 2016 Sparkling Collection

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“Chic! Shine! Beauty!” is the motto for the new BeYu Holiday 2016 Sparkling Collection. Two new sparkling eyeshadow palettes will enchant you with their new colors and limited edition glamorous packaging as well as the entire collection of lip, nails and eye makeup products. Take a closer looks and discover everything right after the jump.



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Victoria’s Secret Holiday 2016 Paris Fragrance Collection

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Victoria’s Secret introduces for the holiday 2016 season the new Paris Eau de Parfum along with a scented collection inspired by this fragrance. Victoria’s Secret Paris is presented as the official fragrance of the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, inspired by the world’s sexiest city. The face of Victoria’s Secret Paris campaign is model Stella Maxwell, looking super sexy in the promo image bellow.



U.S. Launch Date – Now online

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Jill Stuart Spring 2017 Sweets Couture Collection

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When I looking at Jill Stuart Spring 2017 Sweets Couture Collection I’m thinking a party full of desserts. Colorful cupcakes, macarons, biscuits surrounded by all kinds of favorite desserts and the fruity flavor of milk tea. I bet this collection will capture the hearts of young girls and bring happiness. I personally like the new eyeshadow palettes and blushes but I cannot look away from those juicy lip colors. Get ready to be tempted right after the jump.



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Bobbi Brown Remedies Spring 2017

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Bobbi Brown comes out for spring 2017 with a new Remedies Skincare Collection featuring six treatments that target specific skin problems. From what I read so far about these wonder skincare bottles, I think I badly need No.75.

Inspired by Bobbi’s holistic approach to beauty, Bobbi Brown Remedies is a collection of six treatments that target specific complexion concerns to enhance skin’s overall health, instantly and over time. From severe dehydration to irritation and to problem skin, Remedies addresses a range of skin concerns and offers a comprehensive approach to achieving healthy, beautiful skin. An apothecary of skin solutions, Remedies can be used individually or layered with skincare and foundation for fully customized skin solutions.


“Remedies are the perfect fusion of beauty and wellness – the ultimate skin enhancers.”


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Giorgio Armani Rooster Powder Palette for 2017 Chinese New Year

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We are getting closer and closer to celebrating Chinese New Year and like every year Giorgio Armani is releasing a limited edition powder palette. 2017 will be the year of the red rooster so there you have it….a new and limited edition release of Giorgio Armani 2017 Chinese New Year Palette of the red rooster. 2016 was the year of the monkey and if you remember Armani celebrated that as well with a special Year of the Monkey Palette (info, photos).



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Smashbox Cover Shot Eye Palettes Spring 2017

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Smashbox launches at the beginning of spring 2017 a brand new line of Cover Shot Eye Palettes. There will be seven variations and plenty colors to choose from, so you will combinations from the brightest and boldest colors to the nudest and darkest. 🙂


Cover Shot: Eye Palettes swipe on highly pigmented, beyond blendable color for endless eye looks. Smashbox popped in two bigger base shades so you won’t run out of basics before you’ve used all the high-impact accent colors. You’ll be obsessed with the velvety, wearable quality of these shadows—not to mention the hot new eye looks they inspire.


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