Dior Addict IT Summer 2014 Collection & Diorshow Eyeshadows

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As promised I’m back with more info and extra new promo photos of the upcoming Dior Addict IT Summer 2014 Collection (preview, close-up photos). I know so many of you are excited about this collection featuring the new IT Lash Mascara and IT Line liquid liner available in three bright summery shades of pink, purple and blue. Today I got for you another surprise, the new Diorshow Mono Eyeshadows that will be released along with Dior It-Lash and It-Liner at the beginning of summer 2014.



International Launch Date – June 2014

Japan Launch Date – 6 June 2014

China Launch Date – 1 June 2014 Continue Reading

Dolce & Gabbana Summer Glow 2014 Collection

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Here is a first look at the upcoming Dolce & Gabbana Summer Glow 2014 Collection launching next weeks. My favorites are the new Passion Duo Gloss Fusion Lipsticks in soft shades of pinks and purples. Follow me after the jump to discover the entire collection.



U.K. Launch Date – now @harrods.com

U.S. Launch Date – May 2014 at D&G counters Continue Reading

Estee Lauder Nutritious Rosy Prism 2014 Collection

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Estee Lauder presents a new skincare collection specially created for Asian women, named Nutritious Rosy Prism. The new line features three products which are meant to make your skin bloom. A breakthrough fusion of science and nature Estee Lauder Nutritious Rosy Prism Collection is proven to significantly to reduce and help prevent dull and yellow tones.



Now @esteelauder.com.sg and all Estee Lauder counters in Asia Continue Reading

Estee Lauder Pure Color Crystal Baby Summer 2014 Collection

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I’m happy to share with you the first info regarding the upcoming Estee Lauder Pure Color Crystal Baby Summer 2014 Collection launching later this month. Developed specially for Asian women the new makeup collection is wrapped around the famous Crystal Baby shade, one of Asia’s best selling Pure Color Crystal lipsticks. Talking about this collection and the products it features brings back memories from Estee Lauder Spring 2014 Makeup Collection (info/ photos) also Asia exclusive which featured similar shades. If you loved that collection than you will surely be excited to see the new one.



U.S. & Asia Launch Date – late May 2014 at Estee Lauder counters Continue Reading

Pretty Corals Makeup Look

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Last week I’ve been testing and playing with a couple of new products and I felt like creating a fresh summery look where peachy, orange and corals where the key of this look. As I can’t really say these particular shades are among my favorites as you know me as a pink lover girl I also wanted to use a darker color like my new MustaeV Burn Eyeshadow (review, swatches) to create a more intense look.


If you want to know what products and shades I used please follow me after the cut for a complete lists and close-up photos. Continue Reading

Clinique Smart Custom-Repair Serum for Summer 2014

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Clinique will launch in the summer Smart Custom-Repair Serum, a new revolutionary serum that targets different skincare problems. Featuring an unique blends of ingredients this serum has a very well balanced formula and promise to help solving skincare problems like wrinkles and fine lines, hyperpigmentation, dark spots, uneven skin tone, dullness and dehydration but what is makes it probably an innovative serum is that fact that is able to repair even skin damage that can’t be seen.



U.S. Launch Date – 15 July 2014 at Clinique counters

U.K. Launch Date – 6 June 2014 at Selfridges | 27 June 2014 nationwide

Japan Launch Date – 22 August 2014

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Essie Bridal Summer 2014 Collection

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I’m back with new photos of the new Essie Bridal Summer 2014 Collection (other photos) that I posted about in early March and I’m sure brides to be out there are scouting all the upcoming wedding nail polish collections of the season. In the preview article you can check out the promo swatches and photos of the Wedding display and Cube 4PC.


It’s that most romantic time of the year! All around the world, bells are ringing. Love is so inspiring and a newly engaged couple is the very picture of romance. The excitement of the moment is so special. How did he propose? Did she say yes right away? And what about the ring? All the details of the proposal never fail to enthrall friends and family. Like finding Mr. Right, finding the perfect nail colour is essential for the happy occasion.

From the prettiest blue, to the most delicate sheer – go for refined, radiant shades. Refreshing bridal colours are not only perfect for the wedding day itself, but also create a beautiful backdrop for a new engagement ring. When so much attention is being paid to your hands, a recent engagement is the perfect time for a flawless manicure. So, whether you’re a bride-to-be or just in love with soft, ultra-feminine colour , these shades are definitely an aisle-do!


U.S. Launch Date – 1 May 2014 at ULTA, @transdesign.com, @nailsave.com

International Launch Date – June 2014 at Essie retailers Continue Reading

MAC The Simpsons Fall 2014 Collection

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MAC Cosmetics tweeted an hour ago the big news about one of their new upcoming fall 2014 collections. This year The Simpsons are celebrating their 25th anniversary so MAC will be creating a new collection named Marge The Simpsons.



U.S. Launch Date – September 2014 online @maccosmetics.com and MAC Stores (TBA the exact launch date) Continue Reading