Review – La Prairie Anti-Aging Complex – A Cellular Intervention Cream

Since I’ve start using La Prairie Anti-Aging eye cream a cellular intervention complex SPF 15 ( last year in December) and I was so pleased with its amazing results I kept thinking it would be great to have also the face cream and complete the Cellular intervention cream pack.


I’m under 30 and I’m more than pleased with the way that my skin looks like,  I don’t have wrinkles (only the expression ones), my is firm and healthy and I don’t see yet signs of aging that already appeared to some girls of my age. I can’t say that I using creams and moisturizers since 16 , I even remember my mother saying to me that I should start using some gentle face creams or lotions but I didn’t listen to her until 19-20 years. I didn’t even use makeup back then ( maybe only mascara and lipgloss) and I had a very simple cleansing routine. After my 20 years birthday I kind of start developing a complete cleansing and hydration routine to which I added new steps and products along the years. Continue Reading

Review – La Prairie Cellular Eye Contour Cream (24 Hour Age Fighting Eye Care)

Hello ladies ! Today I will review the Cellular Eye Contour Cream by La Prairie.  As you already may have read from the title this is a 24 hour age fighting eye cream, so don’t confuse this one with an anti-aging eye cream. If you are looking for an eye cream that will help you protect your eye area against the sign of aging you can try La Prairie Anti – Aging eye cream a cellular intervention complex SPF 15.


I wanted to finish the sample before I could make a complete review about this cream. Yes, as you may see from the photos it’s a 3 ml sample that I got from Sephora together with the other two samples eye creams from La Prairie

  1. Age Management Eye Repair (read the complete review)
  2. Cellular Radiance Eye Cream – Restorative Eye Therapy

Being a 3 ml sample it last me about 2 weeks ( I apply it day and night) and I can’t complain cause it’s more than other samples usually last. We all have delicate skin around the eyes so we need to use an extremely light and gentle eye cream like this.


  • The first one is that it helped me maintain my skin moisture level and it also prevented lines from morning.
  • If you decide to use foundation, you should apply the Cellular Eye Contour Cream first on your eye area. I’ve tried this one morning and it came up as a great idea because this eye cream is also an ideal base for make-up. My skin felt hydrated and moisturized under the foundation and even after I removed my make-up.
  • If your skin eye area is usually dry the Cellular Eye Contour Cream will correct dryness and will also inhibits dehydration. With only one application in the morning you won’t have to worry about the dryness all day long.
  • After I first applied this cream my skin became softer and smoother. It has a creamy but light texture and you need only very little little amount of product to apply around your eye.
  • You can start using this cream at any age because it’s not an anti-aging or anti-wrinkle eye cream with strong effects on your skin.
  • I’m sure that the 15 ml jar will last you a few good months, but is better first to ask for a tester in Sephora and try to see the effects on your skin before you decide to buy it.
  • It also improves the appearance by firming and minimizing fine lines, guarding against puffiness (but once they start appearing you need a stronger cream). Continue Reading

Day Smoke makeup inspired by Too Faced Smoky eye palette

Do you remember the Smoky Eye palette by Too Faced that I reviewed few days ago? I promised that I would come back with a makeup inspired by this  palette, so you can see in the photos below what I’ve came up with.


This look is called Day Smoke and is one of the three makeup looks proposed by the makeup artists of Too Faced. Inside this palette are 3 cards with makeup tips to help you obtain the best smoky eye look.


I chose the Day Smoke makeup today because I had to go for the second day at Cosmetic Beauty Hair  – international exhibition of products and equipment for cosmetology, body care and hairdressing – and I wanted something chic and classy, wearable in the day time but also with some mystery inside.


I usually use lots of brown and bronzy shades in my makeup and these are some beautiful colors. They are very easy to apply on the lid and above the crease. I didn’t use the 2 double-sided brush/sponge applicators because I preferred to use my own makeup brushes, which I’m use to. Continue Reading

Autumn came! How do you treat our skin?


Autumn comes with the sad feeling that sunny days are ending, with lovely memories from vacation but also with concerns about our skin.

Now it’s a good time to repair the damaged caused by the hot summer sun. Dehydration, skin deterioration, visible wrinkles, lack of shine, pigmentation spots due to sun burns, exfoliated and irritated skin, broken capillaries, are some of the symptoms that we are feeling in this period, that’s why our skin needs a gentle approach, special care different from the one in the summer and treating these problems.

  • For the beginning, exfoliation will help the skin to get rid of the dead cells, to facilitate the hydration and nourishment of the skin. Also, exfoliation will stimulate the production of new collagen, contributing to regeneration and cell renewal. It’s recommended an enzyme based product for sensitive skin, or predisposed to acne and a mechanical exfoliation, with products that contain granules, for dry or normal skin.


Other professional exfoliating procedures are recommended in October, when sun looses its intensity and doesn’t cause other damage.

  • The next step after the exfoliation is hydration and nutrition. After a summer with a very hot sun, when skin looses very much water, is necessary balancing the  hydration. Is recommended the use of hydrating masks once or twice a week. If your skin is dry you should be using buttery creams, based on oil and water, and if is oily, gel products or with light texture, like oil free type are the best.

Cosmetics treatments with concentrated serums and emulsions which contains vitamins and antioxidants that improve skin condition and reduce the harmful effects of the sun, are necessary. Continue Reading

Review – Florena Hand Cream with Chamomile


I like using creams, face creams, eye creams and hand creams but I become instantly lazy when it comes to body creams or body lotions. I guess I don’t have the patience to stay and apply them all over my body. With the hand creams is a little bit different. I used quite a lot of  hand cream back in the days when I had a job that made my hands dry and I needed to hydrating them very well. Back then I was using a normal cream with chamomile but I wished that I could turn back time and used Florena Hand Cream with Chamomile.

I have to admit that during the summer I don’t use so often my hand cream, but when the cold season starts my hands ask for it immediately. I’ve discovered this cream a few months ago and I still have half of it for the cold season (this is only because I bought it during the summer).

What I like:

  • The packaging. It’s a 100 ml tube ( 2 Eur or 3$ ) with a pink design and chamomile flowers ( the pink was what attracted me at first). When I reached for the cream and touch the plastic I was surprised to see that it has a soft texture (can you believe this, I’m talking about the plastic tube). Although the tube is not transparent if you put it in a strong light you can see the amount of product left inside.
  • The smell is very discreet and the chamomile flowers give the cream a pleasant, even calming fragrance.
  • The texture is soft, light and it quickly absorbed by the skin. It has no mineral and silicone oils, so is not oily. Only a little amount a product will hydrate your hands without leaving them oily.
  • The formula with proven chamomile relieves the stress from the sensitive hands.
  • Contains Glycerin and Pro-vitamin B5 that improve the moisture content of the skin and strengthened the fingernails in the same time.
  • After applying it your skin will become soft, supple and velvety. Continue Reading

Review – La Prairie Age Management Eye Repair

Hello ladies, as you may know by know, I’m a fan of La Prairie products and today I will  review The Age Management Eye Repair cream. In the last couple of months I’ve been testing three eye-creams from La Prairie

  1. Age Management Eye Repair
  2. Cellular Radiance Eye Cream – Restorative Eye Therapy
  3. Cellular Eye Contour Cream – 24 Hour Age Fighting Eye Care

they are all great products with visible effects within days. I hope that in the next few days I will review the other two creams and tell you my impressions about their wonderful effects.


Now, let’s talk about our first cream La Prairie Age Management Eye Repair that I’ve been using for more than 2 weeks. About 2 months ago when I stopped by Sephora to check out the prices on La Prairie products – because my Prairie anti-aging eye cream a cellular intervention complex SPF 15 was coming to an end – I was engaged in a conversation by the Sephora seller that asked me if she can help me in some way. She wanted to know if I’m familiar with La Prairie products and after noticing that I’ve been using them for quite a while and I know very well what I’m looking for and I’m now interested in testing other creams she offered me 3 samples of those 3 creams that I’ve just told you about.


  • Being a sample of 2 ml I didn’t expect to last longer than a few days, but again this company surprised me in a pleasant way. This little sample last me about 2 and half weeks, and trust me I’ve been using it 2 times a day (morning and evening). So, first of all I know that La Prairie has some high prices but they are explained. Their products last much longer than others, you only need to apply a very small amount of product and you will see it’s ok. When you are using it for the first time, the pump should be depressed several time in order to be activated. Be careful not to press the pump to hard, but if you do it’s ok cause the amount of product will be enough for both eye’s areas, so you just make sure to divide that amount in two before applying it on your orbital bone. Anyway, for portion control you just have to depress the pump halfway.
  • The original tube has 15ml of product so I think it will be enough for about 5-6 months. I was previously using La Prairie Anti-Aging eye cream a cellular intervention complex SPF 15, which is also a great eye cream (I’ve already bought it again) and has the same amount of 15 ml that last me about 6months.
  • The packaging. Usually companies don’t give to much importance to samples packaging, but as you can see from the photo the tube is very chic and classy. I also like that it’s transparent so I can see the amount of product that remains inside and I found very stylish its silver cap. The box is also silver but very shining, like all La Prairie products ( I had a hard time making photos because  the box it’s almost like a mirror and every object is reflected in it). Being so small it fits perfectly in any bag (especially the small ones) and you can take it with you anywhere. I think it’s also ideal to take it with you when you go to trips leaving your 15 ml eye cream at home (to bad I’ve already finished it ). Continue Reading

Chic’s favorite articles of the week 7 -13.09.2009


Hello Ladies! How is your Monday coming up? I hope this week will be great for all of us.

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  • If pink and black are your favorite colors, Giorgia from beautifulwithbrains has the perfect makeup look for you. Check out her photos and learn how to do a makeup look based on black and pink.

Chic Giveaway: One Essence Volume Power Boost Mascara (special edition) and 3 Essence Lash&Brown gel mascaras

Hello ladies and welcome to ChicProfile first Giveaway!


About Essence:

I don’t know if you are familiar with Essence products because their stores can only be found in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. I didn’t knew about their products until I took a trip in Germany about 2 years ago and visit their stand in a beauty shop. I remember that I’ve bought then a lots of products from Essence, from mascaras to lipglosses and eyeshadows. Their prices are very affordable to anyone and the quality is also good, so everytime I go to Germany I make sure to check their new products (I’m reading about the new stuff on their website) and always bring home with me enough makeup products to last me until the next trip. I love the Essence lipgloss  (  in strawberry), smells good (even tastes good) it’s shimmery with a light texture (non-sticky) and hydrating in the same time.


The products:

Lash&Brown gel mascara is a 2 in 1 transparent mascara that cares for your eyebrows and eyelashes in the same time, giving them a perfect finish. If you have unruly eyebrows you can wave them goodbye because Lash&Brown gel mascara will style your eyebrows. The tube contains 9 ml of gel (more than other brands offers) enough to last you a  couple of months.

I have my own Essence transparent gel and I apply one coat on my eyelashes ( you can apply 2 coats if it’s needed) and after I apply 2 coats of my black mascara. Continue Reading