Energizing look

Splash some cold water on your face! The low temperature of the water will contract the blood vessels, attenuating skin’s imperfections. Some trick for midday: spray some thermal water on your face ( try La Roche-Pasay Thermal Spring Water) or dab your cheeks with a moist paper towel.

Smell something minty! Peppermint will stimulate your brain, so the fastest method to refresh your self is by using a shower gel with peppermint extract or something as energizing as mint. Grapefruit notes from Dove Go Fresh Body Wash, Energize variant, have about the same effect. Use something abrasive to remove dead cells from your body (plus, you will feel light tingles, which will refresh you).

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Hair solutions

Anti Hair Loss: You have a stressful life, and your hair is suffering because of this. The main problem is you are loosing to much hair. Use a solid shampoo from Lush, 100% natural, with essential oils of mint and nettle.

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Beauty book – give power to your hair

You want to refresh your hair between two hair dyeings? Surprise your hair and treat it in a natural way!

For blondes: Moist your hair in tomato sauce, then make a ponytail and put over a plastic bag (from dyeing box).

For brunettes: Put 1/4 cup of vinegar in 3/4 cup of water and rinse your fresh washed dried hair in this solution. After 3-4 minutes rinse. Well, that’s a nice color!

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Sexy fragrances

Choose your favorite perfume! You want to feel sexy and admirerd everywhere you go? More than easy – look for a fragrance that leaves a sweet mysterious smell on your skin and goes well with your style.

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Summer smoke

For their collections, designers as Versace and Alberta Ferreti have chosen makeups in which the eyes are center of attention, accentuated with golden- chocolate eyeshadows. The words “smokey eyes” are familiar to you, but the question is: Would you dare such a style for a whole day? Very well then, you have the specialists OK, with only one condition. Keep the color of your lips the natural it’s possible. One of the stars who wore this sexy makeup is Jessica Alba.

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A drop of radiance

Sun loves us again, so it will be a good idea to help him make us brilliant. Try these tricks.

Your sexy tops ask for a sexy decolletage as well. Use Up-lighting liquid illuminator from Clinique to illuminate your face and decolletage. You can use it on your cheeks or over your hole face, combined with fond de teint. It’s available in three shades.

For your off shoulder dresses or bustiers, you need something to make the skin which you left in plain sight, very tempting. Try the brilliant powder from Duree Pour Sephora.

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Gifts for him

He envies your soft skin? Convince him to use a cream. Sisley ecological compound it’s applied on face and neck for protecting the skin and for stimulating collagen production. It’s ideal to use it after shaving.

If your man is passionate and tender i have a proposition for you: Paco Rabbane Ultrared Man with energizing notes of red orange and, appetizing accents of pralines and drops of tonka.

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Beauty book – hair

Lack of sleep dehydrates also your hair, leaving it without volume. Massage a volume spray on your moist roots (try Matrix Amplify Volumizing System, available only on beauty salons), then lift up every lock of hair with your fingers and orientate the dryer to the scalp. That’s it! Volume problem is solved.

More brilliance: Avoid stiff hair using this move: massage a special treatment on your hairs than use your palms with the remaining product over all your hair. Like this you make sure that you won’t exaggerate with applying the treatment, thing which will make heavy your hair, so it will reduce the volume. Try Schawarrzkopf Gliss oil nutritive repair butter. Continue Reading