Braids with bows

A hairdo with…charm is a lot easier to obtain than you thought! How many times did you panic because you had to be ready in 10 minutes, and your hair was not yet ready for the special evening where you were invited? You answered like every other busy girl ” every time” ? Well…then it’s time to join the club! Precisely because these things do not happen to us only, designers and Hollywood stars have made a passion for the childish bow. I seriously suspect that they got inspired by Minnie Mouse, but I don’t expect them to admit it!

Scarlett Johansson black ribbon with bow

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DSQUARED Spring-Summer 2010 Collection

Hello Ladies! Since I just wrote about the new MAC collection inspired by DSQuared I’ve decided to take a sneak peak into the DSQuared Spring-Summer 2010 Collection and see what the future trend is going be. I’m not so into extreme fashion, but I can say that I like some of the pieces from this collection. The only thing that was strange for me it was the combination of hat with evening dresses, but this is fashion.

The summer trend of 2010 smells like vivid colors that will put everyone in a good mood. Looking at this collection I already forgot that winter is near. ūüôā

What do you ladies like from this collection and what clothes do you think are to extreme for you? I see that boots will be worn during the summer, but I was never a fan of this style.

01 DSQuared SS2010 02 DSQUARED SS2010

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Priceless couture

hiroko-roger-vivier-bruno-frisoni-09 Days of fashion  couture, the  event that recently took place in Paris, the capital of  fashion, have defied the economic laws, have ignored the global crisis and once again celebrated femininity and sophistication.

Karl Lagerfeld set the tone of this new edition and the verdict of the new trend in haute couture. He declared that  he sees  the recession as a tool that will remove all those bad tastes and effects of bling bling. This fact was fully illustrated  on the podium in Paris, where Christian Lacroix, Christian Dior, Karl Lagerfeld, the House of Chanel and Givenchy were brilliant with conceit, opulence tempered and eccentric accents.


Special image  made the shoes couture house of Roger Vivier, designer Bruno Frisoni seemed not to know that the world is going through a delicate financial moment. The new collection of shoes is a tribute to luxury, glamor, artistic superiority and, last but not least, financial power. Several pairs of shoes, like those in the photo, have such an exorbitant price and so naturally in the same time if you consider the materials used: 45000 eur. 24 carats gold applications,  precious crystals, rare feathers and other details such as snake skin, silk and organza flowers, justify a sum that could save Iceland economy from bankruptcy. Continue Reading

Summer trends 2009 – What did you buy and what can you keep

For some ladies, summer is almost over, but for me is not. For more than a few years now, summer has extended its visit until October, and this is not the only good news. We can enjoy shopping at low prices¬† awesome summer outfits, because unfortunately for the stores sales don’t keep count of season and are usually beginning at the same date every year even the summer is still here.

So, as I said some of us can still go shopping for short skirts, long floral summer dresses, sandals and sunscreen.

I’ve recently read in the Cosmopolitan magazine an interesting article that helped me decide what shall I keep in my wardrobe for next summer and what I can still buy. I hope this article will be helpful for all ladies out there enjoying the summer and even for those who are getting ready for a new season because it’s always helpful to know what you can keep for the next season (you can never know when fashion returns).

BUY: Jewels in sea shades

Blue, green, turquoise, azure are among the hot colors of summer. So if you see anything in these colors that attracts your eye you have green light to buy it. Accessorize your outfit with bracelets, necklaces and earrings in the sea colors. They look gorgeous on your tanned skin and combined with fluid textures!

KEEP:  Over-sized Accessories

Big necklaces  with lots of  details and applications are trendy. For an exotic appearance create an oversize necklace by superimposing multiple thin necklaces.


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Accessories – finishing touches


Skinny, studded or decorative, a belt is the best way to pull your outfit together. The trick is to pick the right one. Like your shoes, it can make or break an outfit.


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Monochromatic make-up – Jennifer Lopez style

Jennifer Lopez, a perfect look at the movie premier “the Curious Case of Benjamin Button”.

Hair color, of a dark brown has warm honey reflexes, very well outlined by the large curls. This is a very good choice for brunettes, because this color sweetens their strokes and creates a very special luminosity to the face. The effect is even bigger in case of Jennifer witch wears a light beige dress, by Cavalli.

Surprisingly, when other stars prefer dramatic make-up in retro and vintage style, Jennifer came back to natural, monochromatic. Star’s make-up artist opted for shadows of warm and velvety bronze for eyes, cheeks and lips. Natural lashes, curbed and helped by extension give the look a gala shining.

Seems like a look easy to obtain, but the refinement in choosing the shades and keeping the natural aspect are in fact, the stakes of this make-up. You can wear the hair style and make-up a la Jennifer at any party even when you go out at night. You don’t have to worry that you will pass as a discreet! You will be remarked for your refinement!

Party special – How to choose the perfect dress for Christmas

Christmas is a special time for everyone of us, and we all want to look our best, especially if we spend Christmas evening with family, friends or going to a fancy party.

But how do we choose the perfect dress for such a special evening? For those¬† who have a perfect body this should not be a problem, but not all women are the same. So I’m thinking how to work those curves this Christmas.

Those of us who have big boobs should avoid anything with a high neck as your chin will look like an extension of your boobs – and trust me that is not a great look.

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Top-models fashion

For a successful look, you need to have lot of confidence in yourself. I’ve checked lately some of the famous top-models of the world and saw what they were wearing. Some of them left me a good impression and I’ve decided to share with you their style.

Agyness Deyn – Masculine hat

The hat already became a personal note in Agyness Deyn’s fashion clothes. She is just simply playing with the accessories and, every time, amazes through very personal and original clothes.

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