What’s the fashion in Hollywood these days

The stars are the one who rule the roost in fashion and you are not mistaking if you let yourself inspired by the most stylish celebrities.

Handbag with scarf

The handbag is the most important accessory from a woman’s wardrobe. So it needs maximum attention. And a special scarf is the perfect choice for such a bag.

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Fashion news-Nokia 7900 crystal prism

If you wanna be in trend with the latest fashion and also have a cool gadget, then Nokia crystal prism seems to be the solution. The phone looks quite the same as its predecessor Nokia 7900 prism, they don’t seem to have changed to much. It is a fashion phone, elegant and with a special design.

Its Crystal Prism is special edition of the 7900 Prism phone designed by the French designer Frederique Daubal. He also design all the accessories and wallpapers for the Crystal Prism. The gadget also has a special sparking sapphire crystal navigation key and comes with a matching headset, a trendy pouch and a bandana. I present you below other standard features of the phone:

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Fashion news

Numero Magazine

The famous Numero Magazine debuts also in Korea this month. Can you guess who is the model from the cover? It’s Kate Moss, but the famous supermodel didn’t have a special photo session for the debut of Numero. The picture of Moss is kind of a old one, borrowed from the 59th issue of Numero France. That special number of France magazine hit news stands roughly three years ago December 2004-January 2005.

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Victoria Beckham – new dress collection

Victoria, the wife of the famous English football player David Beckham, is determined to enter the fashion industry and to show people that she got talent. Victoria is very busy these days with her Spice Girls career, three children and other business that she has to run, but also manages to find time to build her fashion empire.

First is her dVd brand, her perfume, denim collection, and now she will release a dress collection named “POSH Frocks”. I couldn’t find too much about this new famous collection, except she will be selling at an upscale department store.

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American Beauty-Carmen Electra

Sexy! Is the first thing anyone would say about Carmen Electra. Her apparitions are always expected with interest…especially by men!

You want to know how she can be so sexy everytime and everywhere? I’ve done a little research about her, what is she wearing when she has to go to a party, fancy dinner or a special event. You will be amazed about her simplicity on casual clothes. I’ve also found out some tips about her make-up.

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Fashion news-New York

When vestimentary designers are inspired by the animated lights as Marvel or DC Comics, the creations doesn’t have to come out other then spectaculars. Thierry Mugler, Bernhard Willhelm, Gareth Pugh and Nicolas Ghesquire are just a few from the ones who donated unicate pieces for a special exposition at the National Museum of Modern Art. In charge of this collection were MOMA and Giorgio Armani himself, who has also contributed with some pieces. Expo Superheroes: Fashion and Fantasy it’s open starting from 7th May.

Hot news

Maxi dresses! Of course, now it the season for short pants and invisible skirts, but it won’t hurt to have on your a long dress…which you can wear it in those nights spent with your boyfriends…at the seaside. But it has to be sheer, casual and definitely, in very bright colors – that’s why you are trying to get some sun tanning, right?

Retro eyeglasses! Get a sophisticated look with the help of some sun glasses a la Audrey Hepburn! They fit perfectly with a mini dress, sarafan type, but even with short jeans, wore with sexy platforms. Sunglasses with Swarovski crystals from D&G.

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Glamour look

June is the month when beauty has 1st place! You have the experts advices and the newest apparitions to have a look without blemish.

Some of the locations where you can find the best products are Douglas and Beautik. I know that when you’re using make up you wish that the accent could be on the lips. You can have that voluptuous effect by using the set Aqualumiere from Chanel. This contains a lipstick with a ultra-hydrating texture and a shiny lip-gloss that reflects the light. Continue Reading