Dresses – and how to wear them

Feminine, elegant and comfortable, the dress remains the favorite vestimentary piece among the ladies. Doesn’t miss from any wardrobe, and of course from any fashion show. Why we love it so much? Because it makes us feel seductive, irresistible and sexy.

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In&Out this summer

You are preparing for holiday, and in the same time you want a change in your wardrobe. Before you rush into shops take a look what is In&Out this season.

Sandals vs slippers

The battle between these two was definitely won by sandals. Avoid the slippers, especially when you go into town. Designers recommends shoes cut out in front or gladiator sandals – which remains hot even this year.

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Bathing suit – new styles

You already know: one-piece suit are trendy this summer. Tanga is no longer in fashion, and black is only for the nights spent at the swimming pool. What about the colors, what are the recommendations? What kind of print gains weight and lands straight on the hot sand? First of all, the color is essential. This summer is playful when it cames to bathing suits and daring because i know you want to be admired on the chaise longue.

Strong and fiery colors are in fashion. Extravagant red, solar yellow, intense green, violet pastel and aquatic bleumarin…these are the colors which make you queen of the beach and calls for fun.

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Summer dresses

This summer, all the designers have one piece in common, the dress. Doesn’t matter how long or short it is, which fabric it’s used, this season the dress is the queen. I give you five suggestion from which you can choose, depends on the occasion or your personal style.

The corset dress in strong colors like red, orange or cherry is perfect for party. You will feel admired, confident and full of life.

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Sunglasses a must of the season

You Must have U simply Must have! This summer behind supra dimensional hat, are hiding sunglasses, a must have so you can keep up with the latest fashion. Sunglasses are the first of all your shadow’s eyes. They protect your face and in the time protect the sensitive area around your eyes from the noxious effects of the sun. Continue Reading

Fuchsia in everyway

Summer has already came and every collection presented so far at Hollywood included this vivid colour, fuchsia. You can tell is one of the famous colors this year, that shouldn’t be missing from your wardrobe. This colour will help you see life in pink and would help you keep up with the latest fashion. Some of the biggest fans of fuchsia are celebrities Victoria Beckham, Kate Bosworth, Lucy Liu and Natalie Portman, who worn the colour even before it became famous. It’s a very strong color, which will make you happy, optimistic, full of energy and will help you attract many looks. Continue Reading