Benefit Erase Case Boi-ing Concealer Kit

Hello beauties!

I’m constantly browsing online shops for new products. This morning I stumble upon this cute Benefit Erase Case Boi-ing Concealer Kit and I wanted to share with you. It’s basically a concealer kit featuring four types of Boi-ing Concealers. Do I have to say how cute the pencil packaging looks like? šŸ™‚

These four unique Benefit concealers have the correct answer to all your concealing dilemmas, whether you want to cover up, airbrush, brighten or hydrate. They come presented with a zip-up case.


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Lady Gaga launches her first Perfume in Spring 2012

Here is a super hot news for Lady Gaga‘s fans. The eccentric diva will launch her first perfume for women in 2012.

Sources confirmed that last week she signed a long-term licensing deal with Coty Inc under her name. Is still to early to say what the fragrance’sĀ  notes are going to be but thinking Lady Gaga I’m sure we won’t be expecting some sweet scent.

The senior vice president of global marketing in the Coty Beauty division said the first Gaga women’s perfume is to be expected in Spring of 2012.

There is surely a long time to wait for. šŸ™‚

Kim Kardashian – With and without Makeup

Kim Kardashian has recently changed her look. Some of us like the change from that black long hair to a more brighter color, some of us thought differently about the change. Anyway, I think she always looked gorgeous with her makeup on (don’t we always? ), but I was kind of shocked to see her recently without makeup on. Is not the first time that Kim appears without makeup, but I never seen her like this.

Maybe I’m wrong in saying that all the other photos that I saw with her in a more natural look were close to normal (you could still tell that is her).


As I said over and over again, I try as much as possible to wear a natural makeup for more than 2 reasons. I don’t like to see a big difference in the mirror after I remove my makeup. I think that over the years, if I keep using foundation every day, my skin will just loose its color and I will become pale (as I saw this happening to lots of ladies) and can’t go out from house anymore, unless I use sunglasses or some foundation. Yeah I know there are always options, like going to solar or using a self tan cream. During the summer I try not to cover my face with foundation, as often as I can. This summer I almost succeeded. I think I didn’t have a full makeup coverage more than 10 times.

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Angelina Jolie takes lessons from a porno star

Angelina Jolie asked to an actress from porn industry advices for the way she should play her Catwoman role from the next movie of the Batman series.

33-year-old actress is a very good friend of the adult movie star Tera Patrick, with whom she kept in touch for a long time trough e-mail and phone.

After she found out that she will get the role, Angelina asked Tera’s opinion. The star was very delighted by the advices received, thinking that Tera would be more appropriate for the role than she is.

Paris Hilton’s breasts goes up and Tori Spelling’s goes down

Paris Hilton is in great shape, at least concerning her breasts. The images taken by paparazzi put the blond star in depictions more and more provocative.

Last apparitions of the star couldn’t go unnoticed, Paris being the center of attention due to her appetizing shapes. Looks like the deep decolletage and the push-up bra which she choose had the desired effect.

Less luckier then her colleague, Tori Spelling, ex Beverly Hills 90210 star, seems to have serious problems with her implants. Passed by first youth and mother of two children, the actress is no longer the beauty which, ten years ago, when she was in shape was making waves among the adolescents devorators of US TV series.

Heath Ledger’s last movie

The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus, the last movie of Heath Ledger, is an amazing morality story, set in the present day. The tale is about Dr Parnassus and his extraordinary ‘Imaginarium’, a travelling show where members of the audience get an irresistible opportunity to choose between light and joy or darkness and gloom.

The three famous actors, Jonny Deep, Colin Farrell and Jude Law which also play in the movie the same character “Tony” have donated their earnings from the movie to Matilda, the two-year-old girl of Heath Ledger and actress Michelle Williams. The actors -who replaced Heath after his death in January due to accidental drugs overdose – give their money to Heat’s daughter so she can have a secure future. Continue Reading

Madonna and Guy travel to Italy

Two days ago, Madonna hired one of the best lawyers for her divorce, now she seems to have taken a three-day break with Guy in Italy. Although they slept in separate rooms, the two of them traveled together to visit Milan at the end of last week, leaving their three children Lourdes 11-year-old, Rocco 7-year-old and adopted David of 2-year-old with the nanny.

The two of them didn’t spend so much time together because they’ve had different schedules. A friend of the couple disclosed: Continue Reading

Colin Farrell maddly in love

All the rumors that were circulating around earlier this month about Colin being married with Muireann McDonnell were false. 32-year-old actor has been seen on the LAX Airport wearing a ring on the finger of his left hand so everyone concluded that he was secretly married with the Irish student.

As we can see now, Colin has other plans for his love life, being involved with English novelist Emma Forrest for about six months. This new love has a very positive influence on him because the actor give-up the alcohol fuelled nights and parties just to spend the evenings with her.

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