Catrice All Eyes On You Collection Spring 2014

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Catrice All Eyes On You Collection for spring 2014 is entirely and exclusively dedicated to eye makeup products that will be joining the permanent range starting next month. There are lots of new products and shades included in the upcoming Catrice All Eyes On You Collection which is part of the big Catrice Spring 2014 Permanent Collection.


All About Eyes. Lashes as well as eyebrows are kept thick and natural this season. The brows, emphasised and wild, give the otherwise subtle eye make-up in powdery pastel shades a suitable frame. In combination with the airy-light trend, stylish eyeliner in strong colours and unique shapes create expressive contrasts. Eyepencils and fashionable Cat Eyes are the must-haves of the season.


International Launch Date – February 2014 at all Catrice counters and online

Catrice All Eyes On You Collection Spring 2014

Absolute Eye Colour Mono Eyeshadow – New Shades & Permanent – €2.79

Mono eye shadows, multiple benefits. A great spectrum of colours, extreme durability, high coverage and various effects. Inspired by the Spring/Summer fashion shows, six new shades are joining the colour range, including a sunny sorbet yellow, fresh peach, elegant rosé champagne, warm copper brown as well as trendy aqua tones in ice and royal blue. Available in matt, shimmering, pearl or holographic and a total of 24 fabulous colours.

Absolute Eye Colour Quattro – New Shades & Permanent – €4.49

Colour Quartet. The Absolute Eye Colour Quattro is presented with a brand new concept. From now on, it focuses on four perfectly aligned shades from one family of colours. This results in subtle colour gradients and fine hues that can be blended together for a natural look. Starting with combinations in understated antique pink, trendy purple and fashionable petrol.

Absolute Bright Eyeshadow Palette – New & Permanent – €4.99

Pretty in Pastel. The latest trend, captured in one palette. Six wearable pastel shades and a practical duo-applicator offer accumulated know-how: soft textures with a high colour-dispersion, long durability and various effects ranging from slightly shimmering to extremely pearly. Pastel is making a statement!

Kohl Kajal – New Shades & Permanent – €1.99

Shining Eyes. The wooden pencil’s velvety soft mine gently glides across your eyelids to give your eyes a beautiful bright look. Now the popular Kohl Kajal is also available in fashionable blue-violet and refreshing mint. Two shades that each shine individually and can be combined for a fantastic, fresh look, too. Available in a total of shades.

Long Lasting Eye Pencil Waterproof – New Shades & Permanent – €2.29

Spring Essential. Highly pigmented and colour intense, the Long Lasting Eye Pencil Waterproof is sure to make your eyes stand out from the crowd. Its smooth texture is waterproof and long-lasting as well as particularly simple and accurate to apply. The pencil has a twist mechanism for the mine and a practical, integrated sharpener. Available in a total of eight colours and now – to go with your summer tan – in an iridescent petrol and a pearly nude shade.

Eyeliner Pen Waterproof – New & Permanent – €3.29

Blue Water. Eyeliners have to meet high demands: the colour must be intense, the texture fast-drying, long-lasting and – especially in the summer when humidity is high – waterproof. The new Eyeliner Pen Waterproof fulfils these requirements and additionally offers a fine felt tip for accurate application. Available in Striking Black.

Eyebrow Stylist – New Shade & Permanent – €2.49

A Feast for the Eyes. The Eyebrow Stylist comes in a practical pen-shape and convinces with its simple yet accurate application. It helps create a beautiful frame for your eyes and shapes your brows by integrating the powdery texture into the brow with the brush for a natural finish as well as a perfect arch. Now available in a cool, dark blonde and a total of three shades.

Eyebrow Lifter – New & Permanent – €3.29

Open Eyes. Applied directly underneath the eyebrows, the light rosé pencil with light-reflecting pigments optically lifts your brows for a radiant, wide-awake look. The creamy, ultra-soft texture is easy to apply and blend. The jumbo pen looks great too thanks to its floral, feminine design. Make-up expertise with a fascinating play of light.

Ultimate Lash Multimizer Volume Mascara – New & Permanent – €4.49

Multimizer with Multitalent. Large elastomer brushes are the trend as they capture more mascara and professionally separate your lashes, too. The result: an accurate application for spectacular volume with a multiplying factor. No clumping. The large, conic packaging in an elegant matt black with an eye-catching colour print reveals that there are two versions of this wonderful mascara coming on the market: Black and Ultra Black.

Glamour Doll Curl & Volume Mascara – New & Permanent – €3.99

Curvy. There’s a new addition to the successful Glamour Doll family with the Curl & Volume Mascara. With its curvy fibre brush and deep black texture, this new mascara provides expressive volume as well as a long-lasting curl. The fibre brush reaches every single lash and covers it in texture to create the popular doll eye effect.

Lash Couture False Lashes – New & Permanent – €3.99

More is More. False lashes are absolutely essential for perfect eye make-up styles this season. That’s why CATRICE is offering two versions for incomparably long, thick and voluminous lashes: individual lashes for a natural look and an eyelash band for a truly glamorous feeling. The false lashes include a mini glue. The XXL lash look is quickly becoming a must-have.

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Catrice-2014-Absolute-Eye-Colour-Quattro Catrice-2014-Absolute-Eye-Colour-Quattro-1 Catrice-2014-Absolute-Eye-Colour-Quattro-2 Catrice-2014-Mono-Eyeshadow Catrice-2014-Mono-Eyeshadow-1 Catrice-2014-Mono-Eyeshadow-2 Catrice-2014-Mascara Catrice-2014-Kohl-Kajal Catrice-2014-Long-Lasting-Eye-Pencil Catrice-2014-Eyebrow-Lifter Catrice-2014-Eyebrow-Stylist Catrice-2014-Eyeliner Catrice-2014-False-Lashes Catrice-2014-False-Single-Lashes

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