Catrice Hollywood Fabulous 40ties Collection for Fall 2012 – Info, Photos & Prices

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Catrice is launching next month Hollywood Fabulous 40ties Fall 2012 Collection which will be available in Limited Edition until October 2012.

Inspired by legendary film and style icons like Katharine Hepburn, Ingrid Bergmann and Marlene Dietrich, the Catrice Hollywood’s Fabulous 40ties Fall 2012 Collection whisks you away to the glamorous world of the 1940’s. This golden era is also celebrating its comeback on the international catwalks with a modern interpretation of the feminine clothing style. As a tribute to independent women, Catrice picks up on the elegance and incomparable beauty of the Hollywood divas and skillfully combines feminine, warm red shades like rosé, rosewood and cherry red with soft nude, beige and brown tones as well as purple. For a stylish appearance à la Hollywood…


International Launch Date – September until October 2012 at Muller, Douglas and private makeup shops

Discover the entire collection right after the cut.

Catrice Hollywood Fabulous 40ties Fall 2012 Collection

Absolute Eye Colour Quattro – Limited Edition – €4.49

Typical for the 1940‘s: natural and subtle eye make-up. Create an authentic look with this beautiful color combination of the Absolute Eye Colour Quattros. The silky soft texture in rosé and brown shades is really easy to apply on your eyelids and ensures a stunning eye make-up look.

  • C01 She’s A Lady
  • C02 Hollywood Boulevard

Eyebrow Gel – Limited Edition – €3.29

The Eyebrow Gel with pampering panthenol ingredients gives your eyebrows long-lasting shape. The softly colored gel is easy to apply with the integrated brush, dries fast and offers your brow bone a smooth, natural finish.

  • C01 Neutrally Brown

Eyebrow Lifter – Limited Edition – €2.99

For a breathtaking look! Thanks to its light-reflecting pigments, the Eyebrow Lifter optically lifts your brows to “open” your eyes. The result: a significantly fresher and more radiant appearance ideal for the naturally elegant style of the 1940’s. The practical pen shape makes it easy to accurately apply the creamy texture directly beneath your brow bone.

  • C01 Casablanca’s Highlight

Velvet Lip Colour – Limited Edition – €3.99

Pure glamour! The Velvet Lip Colour provides your lips with gorgeous classic colors as well as an extremely expressive and velvety-matt finish. It’s not an easy choice: bright red, strong rosewood, radiant coral or subtle nude – the colors are tone-in-tone with the Hollywood’s FABULOUS 40ties Ultimate Nail Lacquers, as true 40’s beauties emphasize their lips and nails in the same colors!

  • C01 Red Butler
  • C02 Holly Rose Wood
  • C03 Marlene’s Favourite
  • C04 The Nude Scene

High Gloss Lip Topcoat And Gloss – Limited Edition – €3.79

The High Gloss Lip Topcoat and Gloss ensures a glossy finish with its high-shine effect and practical applicator brush. Applied on top of lipstick or on its own, this top coat gives your lips a seductive shine.

Multi Colour Blush – Limited Edition – €3.99

As unforgettable as Ingrid Bergman in the great movie classic Casablanca… three perfectly aligned shades offer your cheeks a rosy touch with a light shimmer. The innovative combination of pressed and baked powder spreads easily with a blush brush and results in a beautiful contoured finish to clearly define your face shape.

  • C01 Gone With The Wind

Ultimate Nail Lacquer – Limited Edition – €2.49

Just like the colors of the Velvet Lip Colours, your nails are sure to make a true style statement in warm and trendy shades this season. Classic without shimmer but with the usual gorgeous shine effect, these polishes celebrate the comeback of the 40’s. The extra-broad brush ensures a professional and smooth color application on your entire nail.

  • C01 Red Butler
  • C02 Holly Rose Wood
  • C03 Marlene’s Favourite
  • C04 The Nude Scene
  • C05 Doris’ Darling

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