Catrice Urban Baroque Collection for Winter 2011 – Information, Photos, Prices

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Romantic nostalgia and delicate powdery colors meet urban coolness – the new Limited Edition Urban Baroque Collection for Winter 2011 by Catrice totally reinterprets the popular boudoir style. Soft pastel shades combined with urban ornaments and tattoos… the new winter make-up look that you just can’t get enough of!


Between January – February 2011 – in beauty shops

Check out the entire collection as well as close-up photos right after the cut.

Catrice Urban Baroque Collection for Winter 2011

Absolute Eye Colour Duo – Limited Edition – Eur 3.49

Two soft pastel eye shadows with hip variations of grey shades, one more delicate than the other – the trend of the winter season! With a silky texture for a perfect eye makeup that unites the nude look with a cool style!

Available in 3 variations:

  • C01 Candelabra
  • C02 Feather Fan
  • C03 Fluer de Lis

Smooth Lipstick – Limited Edition – Eur 3.99

It became obvious on the catwalks: the nude look for your lips is more popular than ever before! The creamy and long-lasting Smooth Lipstick provides your lips with moisture – for a naturally cool nude style.

Available in 3 shades:

  • C01 Marie Antoinette
  • C02 Elisabeth
  • C03 Victoria

Illuminating Powder – Limited Edition – Eur 4.49

This season’s absolute highlight: the softly scented Illuminating Powder by Catrice. A brilliant light shimmer for your skin – soft, silky and secretive.

Available in the shade:

  • C01 Masquerade Ball

Powder Brush – Limited Edition – Eur 4.59

This professional brush with rounded bristles makes the dream of a flawless complexion come true! It absorbs exactly the right amount of loose or pressed powder and distributes it evenly for a natural look. With high-quality, ultra soft bristles that caress your skin.

Ultimate Nail Lacquer – Limited Edition – Eur 2.49

Cool nails are an integral part of the ultimate Urban Baroque Look. Discreet yet effective, they complement the nude look of your lips. Soft, seductive and unbelievably nonchalant. Thanks to the professional brush and long-lasting texture, these fantastic nail polishes are our absolute favorites this season!

Available in 4 colors:

  • C01 Pearls % Chains
  • C02 Baroque & Rock
  • C03 Princess & Ballerina
  • C04 Biscuits & Cupcakes

Urban Tattoos – Limited Edition – Eur 2.99

The Urban Tattoos are available in different designs for a baroque look with a modern touch during the 2011 winter season! Whether applied to your wrist or your shoulder, the tattoo stickers give the Catrice boudoir look that extra special touch and are easy to remove, too!

Available in:

  • C01 Temporary Couture Tattoos ( 4 pages with different designs, two with lettering and two with ornaments and bracelets).

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What do you girls think about these colors? Are you into pastel shades and soft pinks?


  1. I like nude lipsticks but those look a little more on the pink side than nude. I do love that illuminating powder!

  2. The good thing about Catrice is at these amazing prices, one can have the whole collection. If only these are more readily available in different parts of the world. 😉

    The illuminating powder looks similar to the more high-end counterpart.

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