Chanel Camelia de Chanel Illuminating Powder


Hello beauties!

Seeing the new Chanel Camelia de Chanel Illuminating Powder makes me think of Chanel Summer 2015 Meditarranee Collection (info, photos). I’m sure you must see the resemblance between this new limited edition Chanel Camelia highlighting powder and Lumière d’Été Bronzing Powder which was a summer 2015 release.



International Launch Date – December 2016 online Chanel’s different websites across the world (spotted now on Belgium website for example)

Chanel Camelia de Chanel Illuminating Powder – Limited Edition – €65.00

Mademoiselle Chanel pricked a camellia on the back of a black jacket to illuminate the face. With CAMÉLIA DE CHANEL, highlight your beauty. This iridescent illuminating powder, printed with a shining camellia, illuminates the shadow areas, and underlines the points of light of the face. Make-up result: satiny and luminous. An Exclusive Creation, presented in the box LES BEIGES, re-imagined in red, the emblematic red of CHANEL, and stamped with the two C’s: a gift idea of light.



  1. Great website and thanks for all the updates, have been visiting your website for quite a white now for all the latest info! I am also starting up a blog about makeup on somewhat the other side of the world! Feel free to visit and have a look everybody! Continue the good work! helps me decide in advance lol

  2. haven t touched it yet, just too pretty….but will use it over the next days, will drop you a line when i do!

    • I think it was. A couple of my U.S. readers told me they bought it, but I didn’t ask where from.

  3. Its only available on the Chanel French website from what i can see and its just sold out…yikes! My experience with it its very soft to the touch and goes on like silk ; ) lovely lovely colour, staying power i would say about 4-5 hours but i did not pack it on so maybe if there is alot more on it may last longer! What we pay for from Chanel is not only the product but packing and attention to details etc.. hope this helps 😉

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