Chanel Fall 2013 Rouge Double Intensité Collection – Color Story

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Chanel is launching in autumn new shades of Rouge Double Intensite. The new collection features 6 old shades which were renamed and 4 new ones. Only the color story is available for now but I will make sure to post the promo images once they become available.



International Launch Date – mid-November 2013

Take a peek!

Chanel Fall 2013 Rouge Double Intensite Collection

Rouge Double Intensité Ultra Wear Lip Colour – $35.00

  • Light Rose (ex – Rose Quartz) – light rose
  • Coral Crush (ex – Mandarin Coral) – pearly coral
  • Bright Rose (ex – Rose Pearl) – bold rose
  • Soft Rose (ex – Rose Morganite) – muted rose
  • Dazzling Bronze (ex – Violet Sapphire) – plum bronze
  • Silky Rose (ex – Rosestone) – pearly rose
  • Intense Beige – pink beige (New)
  • Deep Rose – rosewood (New)
  • Sensual Rose – pink red (New)
  • Ever Red – brown red (New)

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