Chanel Khakis Nail Polish Collection for Fall 2010

Hi everyone!

Chanel will be launching this Fall a new nail polish collection called Les Khakis De Chanel. In order to celebrate Vogue’s Fashion’s Night Out the Global Director of Chanel Makeup created this new line of sublime fall colors which will be launched next month.

Price and Availability

Each nail polish will retail for $25.00 and will be available starting 10 September 2010.

More photos right after the cut.

Les Khakis De Chanel includes 3 nail colors:

  • Khaki Vert
  • Khaki Brun
  • Khaki Rose

Which one seems to be your favorite? I would love to try Khaki Brun but I’m really afraid to purchase another Chanel nail color since my recent experience with Chanel Mistral (review) was a total disaster.

Thanks Debbie!


  1. The colors look very interesting,but I’m more into Orlys and MACs duochromes:D

    If you’re affraid to buy the Chanel polish try it out in store.Just put a little tape on your hand and swatch the polish on that.That way you can see how pigmented the polish is,and won’t ruin your manicure;)

  2. Very pretty fall colors, I wish they would add more rust colors. Still very pretty 🙂

  3. I think these are so interesting and will be very popular but I doubt they’d look good on my particular skintone.

  4. my favorite is Khaki Rose but they are totally not available in Germany. There is no chance to get it 🙁 But I read that the texture etc is like Paradoxal and that one only last on my nails for one day and that is totally not worth the price

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