Chanel Spring 2013 Precieux Printemps de Chanel Collection – New Photos & Info

Hello lovelies!

A month has passed since the sneak peek post and close-up photo of the products from Chanel Spring 2013 Precieux Printemps de Chanel Collection so I’m back with new info and more photos. Press launching events for this collection have been hosted in a few countries so thanks to the bloggers that were invited I can show you new images of this upcoming collection.

If you like a makeup in classic neutral, brown and soft brown shades then you will definitely be happy about this collection but if you are expecting a vibrant and colorful collection you can pick two or three lipsticks and the coral blush. The collection seems a little bit to classy for me, with autumnal shades rather than  some vivid or pastel spring tones that could change our makeup style after a long winter. I’m not very thrilled about the eyeshadow quad, I’ve seen those colors before and they look more autumnal to me. The list with the official names of all the products is not complete yet as for some of them I added only the color description.


International Launch Date – 5 January 2013

Discover the new collection right after the jump.

Chanel Spring 2013 Precieux de Printemps de Chanel Collection

Highlighting Face Powder – Limited Edition

  • Pudre Signee de Chanel

Joues Contraste Blush – Limited Edition

Comes in a bright apricot color.

Les 4 Ombres Eyeshadow Palette – Limited Edition

I’ve seen two types of palettes, each one featuring different shades so I don’t know at this point which one is the official one or if in some countries they might change the colors. In Japan the palette has classical shades in pearl beige, matte brown, copper and taupe while in Europe it features 3 shades of beige and one deep matte brown. I will have both photos posted bellow.

Eyeshadow Duo

  • Light Beige
  • Warm Brown

Rouge Allure

  • #112 Fantaboue – gentle  pink
  • #114 Precieuse – natural beige
  • #116 Envoutante – plum violet
  • #119 Caprice – coppery brown

Rouge Allure Velvet

  • #42 L’Eclatante – bright pink
  • #43 La Favorite – glamorous coral with pink undertones

Rouge Allure Gloss

  • #69 Rosewood (Permanent)
  • #70 Copper Beige (Limited Edition)

Stylo Yeux / Waterproof Eyeliner – Limited Edition

  • #102 Beryl – pink mauve
  • #100 Brown
  • #89 Or Rose – beige

Le Crayon Levres/ Lip Pencil

  • #58 Bright Pink
  • #59 Brown

Le Vernis

  • #569 Emprise
  • #571 Fracas
  • #573 Accessoire

Enjoy more photos…

Les 4 Ombres Eyeshadow Palette – Japan version

Les 4 Ombres Eyeshadow Palette – European version

These are just some of the photos taken at various press launch event in different countries but if you want you can check more presentation photos here or take a look at the Chanel model’s makeup here and let me know also if you find some of the Allure lipstick shades a little bit different than the ones presented on this beauty blog.


  1. Thanks for posting this! The collection looks so pretty – I am in love (sorry Lancome) with the new Rouge Allures, especially the velvet ones. They do look different on these pics than on the ones I saw before and I would love them like they appear here:)

  2. Don’t you think it might be one eyeshadow palette? In the second picture (european version) the lighting seems to be very warm/red. The background is pinkier than in the first photo. So maybe the palette would look the same if the photo was colour-corrected? Or it could be two different palettes:-) Thank you for posting these pics! I’m really excited for spring now:-)

    • Hi Emma! I was thinking about that option too of course but it’s such a big difference in the colors so I can’t say for sure especially that one of the photos was taken at a Japan press launch while the other was taken at a German press launch so they are totally different photos.

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