Chantecaille Makeup Collection for Fall 2012 – Sneak Peek

Hello sweeties!

Chantecaille will launch its new makeup collection at the beginning of fall 2012. As we are already used to, the new collection will feature a beautiful quadra eyeshadow palette this time with elephants motif, lip glosses, lipsticks and possible some new blushes. All the products will be available in limited edition.


International Launch Date – September 2012

More information right after the jump.

The star of the collection will be Chantecaille L’Elephant Palette, a beautiful quadra eyeshadow palette in green, vanilla, brown and copper shades which will cost £74.00. We all know Chantecaille’s love for animals so this time 5% of proceeds will go to The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust in order to help protecting African elephants from poachers.

Each palette has a QR code which mean you can choose to adopt one of the orphan elephants and you will get a a full profile and photos in return and you will gain access to the Keeper’s Diary if you want to monitor your dear elephant and see how is doing.

I will return with more info and photos once they become available.



  1. It’s gorgeous ! So sad because we don’t have Chantecaille except in Paris, their palettes are so classy and I love their committment to environment and endangered species. If I had Chantecaille here I would immediately purchase even if it’s expensive.

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