Chic Choc Summer 2013 Play Color Nail Polish Collection – Info & Photos

Hello beauties!

I know it’s been a long time since I posted news about Chic Choc but their new Summer 2013 Play Color Nail Polish Collection made me crave macarons. I have to confess that the other day when I first saw the promo image of this collection I stopped by the nearest macarons shop and I bought a colorful bag of these sweet delicious small cakes. The nail polishes from this collection match the colors of the sweetest macarons in turquoise, peachy, lime green and lavender.



Japan Launch Date – July 2013

Take a peek after the jump!

Chic Choc Summer 2013 Nail Polish Collection

  • GN07 Apple Green
  • BG05 Macarons Blue
  • OR08 Candy Hearts Orange
  • PK11 Honey Powder
  • PU09 Lavender





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