China Glaze Crackle Glitters Collection for Spring 2012 – Information, Photos & Prices

Hello lovelies!

China Glaze is bringing four new shades of cracked nail polish in their new Spring 2012 Nail Polish Collection Crackle Glitters.


U.S. & International – March – April 2012 (at nail polish outlets websites)

Each bottle contains 14 ml (.5 fl oz) and the price can vary depending on the outlet somewhere between $3.00 – $7.00. Meet the collection right after the jump.

China Glaze Crackle Glitters Nail Polish Collection Spring 2012

  • Glam-More – purple crackle glitter
  • Gleam Me Up – blue crackle glitter
  • Jade-d – green crackle glitter
  • Luminous Lavender – lilac crackle glitter

I’m loving the purple and lilac shades. 🙂 What is your favorite crackle glitter for this spring? Has anyone seen swatches?


  1. I can’t believe there’s still more crackle polishes coming out, I’m completely over them. Haven’t even used some of the ones I own and I’m bored already. 🙂 Got even more bored with the magnetic ones. Yawn!

    • I don’t use crackle polishes anymore either…but I was thinking of trying them over the summer 2012 neons that are keep coming out. I don’t know when I will find the time, with all the polishes I have to review.

  2. I’m not sure I;m a fan of this look. I don’t like the look of the cracked nail polish. I’d much rather prefer Neon colors trend for the summer. Still, the blue color is very beautiful, just not my style.

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