China Glaze Pure Joy Nail Lacquer – Review, Swatches, Long-Lasting Test

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My nails are recovering from the acrylic experience I had in December and I’m back to reviewing nail polishes so today I will share with you my experience with China Glaze Pure Joy nail lacquer which is part of China Glaze Holiday 2012 Holiday Joy Collection (info, swatches & preview). This shade was received from China Glaze Romania for testing and review purposes.



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China Glaze Pure Joy Nail Lacquer (14 ml/ 0.5 fl oz for 24.00 Lei/ $8.00) is described as a fiery red glitter with gold particles but on the nails it looks more like a bronzy red with big golden flakes. It’s a beautiful glitter for those in love with red shades and in search for a versatile manicure because you can create so many trendy manicures using this glitter. Pure Joy is the kind of glitter-like-nail-lacquer that goes very well applied over any red creamy polish or a dark one as I like to wear it. Being part of the holiday 2012 collection you might think of this shade as a festive one that you can wear at special occasions like parties or weddings but by layering one, two or three coats you can adjust its intensity and even wear it on daily basis over a bright color.

The formula is close to a jelly like thin glitter and it applies well without streaking, pulling, streaking or bubbling but you’ll need more than one coat to build up the color and get those gold flakes to start sparkling. I would advise you to wait a about 2-3 minutes between coats so the glitter would adhere to the previous coat even better and start building up the color. In one coat Pure Joy looks extremely disorganized if I might say so, the particles are spread all over the nail leaving blank spots here and there.  For me two coats were enough but because the nails were not smooth to the touch I decided to apply a layer of Jordana Yellow Out Top Coat so I can also preserve the color.

I worn Pure Joy for about 6 day and even though it’s an extremely stubborn glitter when it comes to remove it started chipping from my nails after 4 days and by the 6th day I had to remove the color. I can’t tell you how hard it’s to get ride of Pure Joy even with the acetone remover I’ve tried so arm yourself with patience.

Enjoy more photos…




China Glaze Pure Joy Nail Lacquer – one coat


China Glaze Pure Joy Nail Lacquer – two coats


China Glaze Pure Joy Nail Lacquer – with top coat


China Glaze Pure Joy Nail Lacquer – 6 days later without top coat


China Glaze Pure Joy Nail Lacquer – 6 days later with top coat

I hope you enjoyed this review and find it helpful. If you have any comments regarding Pure Joy nail lacquer please post them bellow.


    • I’ve noticed the same problem to all CG glitters. They tend to be versatile and help you create so many unique manicures but when it comes to removing them….it’s not pleasant.

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