China Glaze Spring 2013 Avant Garden Collection – Official Info & Promo Photos

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I’ve announced the China Glaze Spring 2013 Avant Garden Collection since August 2012 so I invite all those who have missed that post to drop by and check out the swatches. Even though at that point was way to early to announce an upcoming spring collection I see the name of the shades are still the same. The entire collection is divided in two parts, one featuring blooming brights shades while the other is more easy on the eye and  includes pastel petals colors. It’s quite a big nail polish collection considering the 12 new colors that are included not to mention different types of textures.


Spring is here and China Glaze is blossoming with vibrant color with its new collection, Avant Garden. The delectable palette flows between soft hues and vibrant pops of color, offering an unconventional bouquet of cheerful and vivid shades. Take a stroll down the China Glaze path, passing a babbling brook of light and bright blues, take in the view of the mossy green meadow and stop to enjoy the flowers of soft pink and white.  Let the Avant Garden take you away to a playful, romantic field of color and innovation this Spring.


International Launch Date – March 2013 through salons and professional beauty supply stores nationwide and online

Romania Launch Date – March 2013 and on their FB page

Discover the entire collection right after the jump.

China Glaze Spring 2013 Avant Garden Collection

China Glaze Blooming Brights – $7.00 – 14 ml/ 0.5 fl oz

  • Budding Romance – moss green
  • Sunday Funday – bright blue
  • Fancy Pants – indigo with pink an dpurple shimmer
  • Snap My Dragon – bright red with pink shimmer
  • Passion for Petals – bright salmon-pink
  • Mimosas Before Manis – coral with a light wash of shimmer

China Glaze Pastel Petals – $7.00 – 14 ml/ 0.5 fl oz

  • Life is Rosy – blushed mauve
  • Pink-ie Promise – iridescent baby pink
  • Tart-y for the Party – light lavender creme
  • Fade Into Hue – periwinkle creme
  • Keep Calm, Paint On – sea foam green
  • Dandy Lyin’ Around – shimmery vanilla icing

Avant Garden Collection is also available in:

  • 6 Piece Collection of “Blooming Brights” – $42.00
  • 6 Piece Collection of “Pastel Petals” – $42.00
  • 12 Piece 3D Counter Display
  • 36 Piece Rack

Enjoy more photos…

China-Glaze-Spring-2013-Avant-Garden-Collection-Blooming-Brights China-Glaze-Spring-2013-Avant-Garden-Collection-Pastel-Petals


China-Glaze-Spring-2013-Avant-Garden-Collection-Blooming-Brights-Shades China-Glaze-Spring-2013-Avant-Garden-Collection-Pastel-Petals-Shades

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