China Glaze Spring 2014 Sea Goddess Collection – Sneak Peek!

Hello lovelies!

Too soon to be talking spring 2014 nail polish collections? No! Especially when it’s about China Glaze, as I noticed over the years that somehow the info about their upcoming collections manage to surface even with 1 year prior the official launch date. I’ve wrote about their holiday collections in spring, about their summer collections in autumn so why not give you a sneak peek of China Glaze Spring 2014 Sea Goddess Collection, now at the end of summer.



International Launch Date – Spring 2014 (TBA)

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The collection features 6 new lacquers which were presented at Cosmoprof back in July so those of you who went you already know what’s coming up next from China Glaze. I personally don’t like any of these shades which seems to have a textured finish. The pastel pink, turquoise, light green and purple may seem like a good idea for a Spring collection but seeing the swatches I’m ready to pass on this collection.

What do you think so far about this collection?

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